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  • champ: @Junior1 $SCHW --- Up around 11 days off the recent low....but it was actually 10 days off that low. The stock was moving with the market...on the 6th and on the 13th....both of those market drops, mess-up the move into earnings. $BAC also drop on th ...
  • champ: $BAC ---- Earnings look positive....earnings call starts in a few 8:30 ET....economy is on the move.
  • Gary: ...
    2. $BAC – earnings...and no reaction.
    3. $JPM – nobody’s buying.
    4. $CHRW – caught this in the morning on Bband pop. Resistance at $100. Good base forming...but I’m picky. Not a good entry here.
    5. $JBHT ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    With the earnings reports out of the way for $C, $GS and $JPM, it's going to take a lot from the remaining bulge bracket names (e.g. $BAC) to alter the new (more negative) narrative. Dan's right, and the summary stories that I've seen thus far this ...
  • champ: @Forexpro $C $GS $JPM $BAC $WFC $BK $STT $VFH $SPY $PNC---- On $GS, they have ...not reported earnings but they will on Tuesday morning...4/17, need to keep a Eye on them, along with $BAC. On $WFC, it has been a great trading stock, for me on my last ...
  • champ: $XLF ----- #MarketUncertainty played out today because of the #Weekend. $DJI @ 24,360 was only down 0.50% ..123 points not really all that bad, with all of the negative news and the noise that was going on today, you would think the markets would hav ...
  • Gary: ...
    4. $BAC
    5. $WFC
    6. $C
    7. $SPGI – Coiling along 50-day MA. Buyable a bit lower, with stop below $185.
    8. $AMTD
    9. $ETFC
    10. $IBKR
    1. $AMX – Alert $20
    2. $CAMT – very thin. VERY thin.
    3. $NFLX – Do not look for t ...
  • Forexpro: @bigbartabs Hey, Bigbartabs, Here's hoping that you're doing well, despite the sogginess. The yield curve has been flattening rather than steepening for most of the quarter, so I don't think that the FOMC's activities will have much direct impact. Indirectly, they've contributed to volatility, and my impression is that the best results are expected from the banks with the largest capital markets activities ($GS, $JPM, $BAC stand to benefit). I suspect that the lending side, and net interest margins, will be lackluster, at best. Still, I'm not an analyst, so these are, again, just impressions that could be disproven as quickly as tomorrow around this time. Take care, Amigo, and all the best!
  • champ: $BAC @ $30.70 ---- Sill zig-zagging....but the stock is now up about $2 off the recent low, I did get back in, a few days ago....and I'm swinging 2 full positions, earnings are before Monday's open 4/16....These banks are reporting earnings in the morning...$JPM $C and $WFC but I have NP.....could be others.
  • champ: @Vehid $VLO ---- All the refiners are doing really well...the spread is widening and they make $$$$ on the spread....Brent Oil $72.60 vs WTI Oil $66.68...appx ...these are the highest levels in 3 years....the Saudi's are trying to get Oil up to $80, is what I have been reading.....$XOM was upgraded by $BAC/Merrill Lynch to their U.S. #1 list.....there is news on $VLO also. LOL
  • Vehid: @champ $VLO $XOM $BAC #1 Yup. I had calls on VLO expired worthless and the rally started right after! ... happens
  • Forexpro: @Kai You're Welcome, Kai, Courtesy of the Treasury Department - our tax Dollars, at work - here's a picture of the curve from short to long end, today versus 5 years ago. As you can see, the earlier curve was markedly steeper, creating a more favorable lending environment for banks. The only benefit is that longer rates are now higher, so for those banks with large deposit bases that provide them with a lot of free funds - think $BAC, inter alia - things are arguably better now, but no bank only lends funds that it has on deposit in interest-free accounts. All the best!
  • DavidM: @Forexpro $BAC Apparently $BAC's naughty behavior does not end there. This is an interesting read:
  • Forexpro: @DavidM $BAC Thanks, DavidM, Yeah, I saw the original piece, and regretted that I wasn't one of the whistleblowers. On the plus side, I didn't have to share any gains with Labaton Sucharow. The article, however, is conflating two cases and implying that they're one. My understanding is that the whistleblower award was for information regarding gyrations prior to the Crisis, when the former Merrill was desperately trying to pretend that its foundation was resting on something other than quicksand. Hence, the urgency regarding ways of making its capital position look more robust than it was. As the spectacle of $LEH (RIP) demonstrated, a loss of confidence followed by a loss of access to short term funding is death for a leveraged institution, and at the time 30:1 wasn't unheard of. Hope you're well, and thriving; all the best!
  • Forexpro: @Forexpro $BAC

    Hi, Friends,

    When I first saw the capsule description of this case, I indicated that I was inclined to sympathize with BofA/ML. My suspicion was that the desk was conducting business in a way that was reasonable and customary at the ...
  • mopick: @Forexpro $PNC $STI $BAC $XLF, so, what you're saying in essence is that rising rates in general are NOT, per se, favorable for banks, right??
  • Forexpro: @mopick $PNC $STI $BAC $XLF

    Hi, Mopick,

    It's the shape of the curve that matters, not any individual rate. A rate hike from the Fed that isn't accompanied by higher rates at the longer end of the yield curve is just an incremental cost for banks. ...
  • Forexpro: Re: $BAC

    Hi, Friends,

    Not a huge fine, as these things go, but there will no doubt be private litigation/class action suits to follow. Transparency regarding routing of orders isn't something that most, if any, banks would have considered necessary ...
  • steve71: @Forexpro $BAC That $BAC pulled this nonsense is just incredible. Didn't they learn anything in the last ten years? Every bank CEO should have a desk plaque reading, "DON'T F*** UP".
  • champ: @Forexpro $BAC ---- It is just amazing, that with all of their so-called smart attorneys on staff, that they still don't have the proper disclaimers, it is hard to believe, that a financial institution can really be that stupid. How in the hell, could that have even happened, in times like this..maybe 25 years ago but now. Just saying...Take Care!
  • farview: @Forexpro $BAC Especially surprising their CEO Brian Thomas Moynihan is a Lawyer. You would think their legal department would not miss a trick!
  • champ: $BAC ....could turn...Spec Day Trade with stop around entry
  • champ: $BA and $BAC ....getting a small turn
  • Gary: ...
    $VIX—X – back up above 20 decisively!
    $DJI – Watch these major averages as they test the February lows.
    $MDY – topping pattern. Double top.
    $IWM – topping pattern. Double top.
    $COMPQX – decisive break below 50-d ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    In addition, when the FOMC does a rate hike, all other things being equal, banks get hurt. The short end of the yield curve, which is very responsive to changes in Fed policy (out to, say, the 2-year note) is where banks borrow. They do their busine ...
  • rachel: ...
    $BAC – Squeezing. Alert $32.85
    $FND – took some off today. Pretty extended here.
    $IPGP – Alert $256
    $OIH – still very early with energy. Not recommending this now...just recommending watching it.
    $XOP – still very early ...
  • grcjr: $BAC $GS $JPM $MS (but not $WFC which is down) - just sitting around. Even though it should be mostly baked in I suspect they are waiting for the fed.
  • champ: I posted news on the #FOMC-Interest-Rate Decision, that will be reported on Wednesday, with a News Conference after.....for those who would like to take a look. This is the most important #Economic news, that will be reported for the week. #Existing Home sales will also be reported on Wednesdays and #New Homes Sales for February will be reported on Friday 3/23....both of these reports are also important for the $XHB and $XLF sectors....and stocks like...$BAC $LGIH $LOW $HD and others... could move around a little and I'm expecting positive numbers....but that is just my guess, after doing research and I'm holding these stock positions.
  • spmeyers: @champ $XLF $BAC #FOMC-Interst-Rate-Decision #FOMC-Rate-Decision One would expect that medium size banks will benefit more from Dodd-Frank reform due to change in ceiling for many regs from $50 bn in assets to $250 bn. As for Powell, I'm pretty sure he will say same as Janet: it will depend on the data down the road
  • champ: @spmeyers $XLF $BAC #FOMC-Interst-Rate-Decision ---- That is what they are saying...and they are just saying that to justify, their reason for voting Yes, is #Political, many don't like the larger banks, everything was their fault but we know wh ...
  • champ: @Forexpro $SPY $VFH $PNC $STI $C $WFC #Banks --- On $BAC, the great add-on entry was 11/15, that I posted about and then on 2/9, again for whatever your bank stock is, for another add-on or entry. However, most miss entries but full-time traders/inve ...
  • champ: $XLF $BAC @ $32.17 ---- #FOMC-Interest-Rate-Decision --- @Dan was talking about banks....but what is going on with the Banks...??....investors are waiting for the #FOMC-Rate-Decision and that will be announced on Wednesday, at 14:00 ET and it is exp ...
  • grcjr: $BAC $JPM $GS inching up this morning. In middle of a still tightening VS. Earnings mid-April could give us a run up.
  • bigbartabs: @grcjr $BAC $JPM $GS ... I went to a full position in $FAS yesterday. Looks coiled to continue up. Good luck...
  • grcjr: $BAC $JPM - $BAC isone to watch. Currently in a 4% VS. Sitting on the 20dma. An ascending triangle. My normal indicators are largely neutral. Nice trend. Not far from new highs. I'm watching for a breakout above the upper BB on volume. $JPM similar in a 5% VS.
  • grcjr: @grcjr $BAC $JPM $GS - $GS not as strong a chart. Still interesting. In a 6% VS.
  • champ: $BAC HOD and a New 9-year high....#Day-8 off the most recent low....just slowly zig-zagging higher.
  • champ: $WFC @ $58.20 up $1.51 or 2.66% on Friday. #Day-3 of that New recent low, that could be the low risk trading entry. I have many post on this bank with info. Will this Bank be going higher, it should because all banks are on their highs or very ...
  • champ: @optionswealth ---- #AirlineSector ----- $UAL #is-a-stock-for-2018 ----- You ask me about a stock for 2018, that is not already on its high or highs...?? --- This is my answer.....Take a look at my post on $UAL yesterday....this stock is worth spendi ...
  • Forexpro: Re: Banks Hi, Friends, Of the "too big to fail" names, $BAC and $C are doing best on the day, along with trust banks (both also "too big to fail") $BK and $STT. Of the smaller names, old fave $SIVB (chart attached) is making parents proud and happy, as noted earlier by Woodman. Financials are performing well, over all, with $XLF trailing only $XLE among the major sector ETFs. All the best!
  • Spotdog: @Forexpro $BAC $C $BK $STT $SIVB $XLF $XLE Good morning Forexpro, A while back you posted a chart of some of the banks and noted that $BBT was at the top of the list. I picked some up at that time and it is still working. Thanks again.
  • champ: $WFC @ $57.50 --- This lagger is also moving up... #Day-3 bouncing off the low....I like this bank because it is ... the 3rd largest U.S. bank and the largest lender in many sector's, with 8,200 branches because it is at a low risk entry.....because of that reason... and that is the #main reason RHRN but there are many other reasons. However, I like most all the banks...and I'm also holding size in $BAC and I have positions now in $FAS and $KRE.
  • Forexpro: @Spotdog $BAC $C $BK $STT $SIVB $XLF $XLE $BBT Cool, Spotdog, I'm delighted that it's working. I'm still in it, and would, of course, love to see it break above the 56.21 level. Might be a bridge too far for today, but then again, why not? :) Hope you're doing well in general; all the best!
  • champ: $UAL @ $71.00 ---- #Airliners ---- This Is a very #StrongBuy going into the $JPM Aviation and Transportation Conference on Tuesday 3/13...the News is that today $JPM upgraded this stock, going into their #own conference and they said today that they ...
  • champ: #Banking news.... bipartisan legislation is expected to clear the Senate as soon as the today or the next few days on a Rollback Bill....banks will bounce on this upcoming news...and I'm holding $BAC and sold $WFC on the high turn but I'm like the low risk entry again....and I'm watching.
  • BobbyG: @champ $BAC $WFC #Banking Thanks for the update. Are you looking at regional banks at all ($KRE)?
  • champ: @BobbyG $BAC $WFC $KRE #Banking ---- Yes, I like all the banks...its just hard to know who will #OutPerform...thats why I'm looking at the lagger.
  • BobbyG: @champ $BAC $WFC $KRE #Banking #OutPerform Fair enough. In any case, I will probably rotate some cash into that sector in the coming days.
  • champ: @Forexpro $BAC $JPM $WFC $MS ---- I have not read any of that news. However, I have read the news on how strong $WFC is and is now even getting stronger, I have read. I have been following the FOMC banking news but it is still hard to believe every-t ...
  • baronp0329: @champ $SSO $TQQQ $LABU $BAC #BounceCandidate #Day-3 #12 #News - Thanks Champ. I did see your post regarding the market turn and doubled my $SPLX bought earlier in the morning. Closed the trade 20-30 minutes before the close. Resulted in a decent $2200 profit. Thanks again. Appreciate your posts.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $SSO $TQQQ $LABU $BAC $SPLX --- Good Work and Yes, you can make very large $$$$, if your ready with a game plan...daily... because you have to be ready for both.... the expected and also the unexpected and that is the Key, to unlocking the door for Profits and then you just walk in, if your stock and market #timing, is more or less around entry...ton the market turn.
  • TunaHelper: @champ $SSO $TQQQ $LABU $BAC $SPLX #timing Hi champ - always a big fan of your posts and very much appreciate them. Was there any news at 12:36pm that lead you to believe the turn was going to happen then - or was it something in the charts (e.g., price crossing a moving avg)? I am trying to learn if you saw the turn based on the chart or the news - or both. Thank you! -Tuna
  • TunaHelper: @champ $SSO $TQQQ $LABU $BAC #BounceCandidate #Day-3 #12 #News Hi champ - always a big fan of your posts and very much appreciate them. Was there any news at 12:36pm that lead you to believe the turn was going to happen then - or was it something in the charts (e.g., price crossing a moving avg)? I am trying to learn if you saw the turn based on the chart or the news - or both. Thank you! -Tuna
  • champ: DJI @ 24,802 --- I'm only swinging small Spec positions in $SSO and $TQQQ, took large profits on 90% on both and my full size on $LABU. Also took profits on all #BounceCandidate....spec day trades....with nice gains. #Day-4 on profits, for all of my ...
  • Forexpro: Re: Too Big to Fail Banks Hi, Friends, Attached is a chart of the largest banks from the close on Feb 8, which was at or close to the nadir for most if not all of these issues. I'm using the Vanguard Financial ETF as a benchmark, as its holdings are more representative of the peer group than are those of $KBE. $BAC has done best in the intervening days, although $GS, $JPM, $MS and $PNC have also been competitive. $C, $USB (which took a hit related to a client's money laundering) and $WFC (more issues than Sports Illustrated) are lagging. All the best!
  • debeers: @Forexpro $KBE $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $PNC $C $USB $WFC --- If i asked you who was your fave in this space would you favor me with a reply? All the best.
  • Forexpro: @debeers $KBE $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $PNC $C $USB $WFC

    Hey, DeBeers,

    Here's hoping that all is well with you. The answer depends a bit on whether you think that the Volcker Rule will be rolled back and, if so, whether trading will pick up. If that's th ...
  • debeers: @Forexpro $KBE $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $PNC $C $USB $WFC $VFH $BRK $AXP $DB $UBS $SIVB ---When I look around any room, you are 1 of the smartest guys there and, that having been said, the additional bonus is you are so nice and so kind.
  • Forexpro: Re: $BAC, $JPM, $WFC

    HI, Friends,

    Lions stalk the wounded gazelle; the WSJ ("Banks Wage Branch Warfare) notes that $BAC and $JPM, while reducing their branch count overall, plan to open hundreds in areas where $WFC has been strong. $MS analyst ...
  • Forexpro: @debeers $KBE $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $PNC $C $USB $WFC $VFH $BRK $AXP $DB $UBS $SIVB Thanks, Lady DeBeers, You're far too kind, I'm afraid. Thanks as well for your ongoing input and guidance. All the best!
  • champ: $BAC has now bounced a $1 off the low....still holding.
  • Forexpro: Re: $BPOP Hi, Friends, This bank covers Puerto Rico, the Caribbean (don't recall ever seeing a branch outside of the home island, though) and New York City. Retail, middle market business lending. I would have assumed that the bank's finances are a disaster, but they get "C" ratings. For purposes of comparison, $BAC gets a "C" grade for growth and financial health, a "B" for profitability. I was scanning through charts, and I had dismissed it when I first looked at it due to the large gap. Well, time and market action have done some work, and it's no longer as extended. I don't think that I'm inclined to do anything with it, but thought I'd mention it for a sort of "outside the box" (and, to some extent, the mainland) financial stock. All the best!
  • Gary: ...
    $JPM, $GS, etc.
    $KRE - regionals work too.
    $KEY - Alert $21.80
    $XBI - good consolidation now. Lots of potential. Non-protectionist sector.
    $XME - are the metal tariffs making a big difference in the metal stocks? Not really.
    $MG133 - not muc ...
  • sierramp: @Forexpro $BAC $AAPL $JPM $C When you have time would you please expand on this subject a bit for me? Are funding costs going up for the banks because they are losing a great source of corporate borrowers resulting in a lower net interest spread? Thank you.
  • Forexpro: @sierramp $BAC $AAPL $JPM $C Hey, Sierramp, Yup, that's it, in a nutshell. Lots of money - for example, $AAPL has reportedly been a huge buyer of short-term U.S. bank debt - that was available at low prices to the banks will now, presumably, be less money available at higher prices. The good news is that "long term loan" has become in many respects an oxymoron, but competition is always pretty intense, so there may be some diminution of net interest margin, especially in the near term. Nice summary. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • Forexpro: Re: Banks, $BAC

    Hi, Friends,

    One of those "unintended consequences" things, I suppose, and one that I hadn't given a moment's thought to. The Financial Times has an article that cites $BAC; the bank notes that its funding costs are rising ...
  • champ: @Forexpro $AAPL $LOW $SSO #E-MiniFutures --- The bottom line is....are you thinking that the markets could turn soon.... or even guessing, that would be just fine, for me...?? I noticed that $BAC, really acted extremely well, the last 2-days, this is confirming your posts and $BAC is my largest position, that I posted about... but I'm sorry to say, that I'm holding other positions. However, I'm looking for a turn, in the markets soon and as we all know, I'm only guessing.
  • Forexpro: @champ $AAPL $LOW $SSO $BAC #E-MiniFutures

    Hi, Champ,

    Like you, I'm guessing, only maybe more so, because the key weakness of the methodology that I use - the one that I'm aware of, anyway - is that it is pretty slow to recognize the difference be ...
  • champ: $JPM ----- Investor Day is on-going and is really upbeat ...they will benefit by $7 billion dollars on earnings because of higher interest...Loan Growth of 6-7% is positive and they will continue to buy stock, even at these levels...they said.....and this is not even counting the tax benefit on earnings ....the other top 2 banks are $BAC and $WFC.....these will be the latest gainers.
  • debeers: @champ $JPM $BAC $WFC -like $JPM very much but I am reserving some dollars for the CMA secondary. When it hits, I want to scoop some up.
  • champ: @debeers $JPM $BAC $WFC ---- I like all the banks....they are all buys.
  • Forexpro: @ROSEY $BAC $JPM Very Kind, Rosey, Thanks, and thanks for your contributions. All the best!
  • rck89: @DAN $Blue $JPM Took the bait and BTO $BLUE Jan 2019, 2 00 / 220 BuCS @$9.21 db. Underwater on this position at the moment, but I agree that $BLUE is a reasonable take out candidate - sooner versus later! Speaking of calls, I have sizeable Leap calls in $JPM. More specifically, BTO $JPM Jan 100 calls at $5.25-5.75 db....big gains in these positions. So what to do now....nothing or sell other $JPM calls against my positions? I also own similar Leaps in $BAC and $WFC. Thoughts, please. Thanks.
  • BobG: @rck89 $Blue $JPM $BLUE $BAC $WFC Is this a good time to buy $BLUE (or do a bull put spread)? Stop would be a little under $200. Thoughts?
  • rck89: @BobG $Blue $JPM $BLUE $BAC $WFC I believe that $BLUE is one of the last biotech companies of its type, which makes is an attractive takeover candidate. This trade is pure speculation. Don't try this at home!
  • Forexpro: ...
    My fave in the space is a"superregional", $PNC. Sadly, while it periodically pulls back, offering an entry level, I don't think that it's a good buy at present:

    I also like somewhat less super regional $BBT, but d ...
  • champ: $BAC...#News on Bloomberg RHRN ...interview with the banks CEO Brian Moynihan. Also news on $WFC this morning.......all positive....about the Feds
  • Forexpro: ...
    Those with an interest in the bulge bracket banking sector may find this piece (by Steve Goldstein at MarketWatch) interesting. Or amusing. Or both. I do think that the numbers are in some cases unfair; for example, many of the fines levied against ...
  • champ: @Forexpro $BAC $JPM ---- $BAC fines from all sources, including all the states totaled around $60 billion $$$$, really hard to believe but its true. I follow this bank very closely and the low entry was $2.55 but this is all in the past now. For inve ...
  • Mpower27: @Forexpro $BAC $JPM in regards to $BAC buying countrywide, I want to say the then CEO whose name currently escapes me, wanted to back out of the purchase. The treasury and fed responded with an offer he couldn't refuse ( as in arm twisting/threats) as they didn't want another institution to fail or need a bailout.
  • Mpower27: @Mpower27 $BAC $JPM ken Lewis was the ceo
  • champ: @Mpower27 $BAC ---- At the time Ken Lewis, was saying that he got a great deal, I remember it well. It was the worst banking deal, of all time and nothing even comes close. Realtors were flipping houses, within months.
  • Forexpro: @Mpower27 $BAC $JPM

    Thanks, Mpower27,

    There are a variety of tales told, with varying emphases. $BAC and Mr. Lewis had a long history with Countrywide prior to the acquisition, and a great deal of due diligence was completed. The acquisition was d ...
  • ROSEY: @Forexpro $BAC $JPM I second @issues 2:46 PM comments. I suspect U R greatly appreciated by all. I know you have helped me greatly.
  • Forexpro: Re: Banks Hi, Friends, The large bank ETF, $KBE, continues to handily outperform $SPY year to date. $PNC, $JPM and $BAC have been major contributors. All the best!
  • ROSEY: @Forexpro $KBE $SPY $PNC $JPM $BAC If you could only choose one bank, which one would it be? OR, for a larger gain , would it be an entirely different sector? I should be in dividends, but I favor Tech and SMH. I am amazed by my daughter's choice of $AMZN.....and where is it going? ABBV is interesting, hoping someone makes a huge break thru soon. I think they are working on inflammation.
  • champ: @ROSEY $KBE $SPY $JPM $SSO $VLO #2018 #Outperformed #ETF #ETF #Timing #Absolutely #Aware --- Need to know your time frame and this stock turned in August of 2017, like all the other energy stocks and I like it but I'm holding $XOM because it is still a lagger and I just #added on Fridays close because entry is still low risk, after that earnings drop, that was on 2/2. It also pays a nice dividend and is around the same size as $VLO. However, you could also take 1/2 of the dollars and put 1/2 into a bank stock... maybe like $BAC, this is my largest investment currently, in the markets...or buy all three with 1/3 $$$ size positions, in each. I have not done any research on $VLO lately but like I said... I like the stock. $BAC and $XOM both stocks have very large market caps and are at $328 billion $$$ each. LOL
  • champ: @ROSEY ----- $WFC is another major lagger, for a good reason but that reason is over and has an A rating at Charles Schwab and pays the highest dividend yield, of all of these banks and I also have a position.. ....but these banks are also rated A ....$BAC $JPM $PNC and even $VLO, really hard to know which bank is going to #OutPerform because all are strong....but $WFC is at a low risk entry, for a long term position but the bank has had bad banking policies, in the past and has a asset restriction on it, for the next 7-8 months or so...their are posts in the forum, with info on this bank. But I'm posting this because I have a position and I'm waiting to add, on the next UpGrade.
  • Forexpro: Re: Large Banks Hi, Friends, Updating to reflect performance of the largest banks since the end of last year. $BAC, $JPM and $PNC are outperforming the sector ETF, $KBE. Not to mention, they're outperforming the $SPY, as are $C, $GS, and $USB. Lower hurdle. $WFC, despite its heroics over the past couple of weeks - even with today's decline, it's 8.9 percent above its 54.72 low on Feb 9 - continues to reside in negative return country for 2018. Underperformance versus $KBE is 7.74 percent, year to date. $PNC remains my fave in this group. All the best!
  • Danzguy: @champ $WFC $WFCPrJ $BAC #Declares #Dividends #Series #2 #Info #Households #2018 #Interest #OutPerform #dropping #extremely #Now #Lagger #Attention #start Champ, just passing info along, $WFC is the most hated bank according to this article: . As for myself, i bank at Wells and i don't like them, but it's hard to give up the 200 free trades per year.
  • champ: @Danzguy $WFC $WFCPrJ $BAC #Declares #Dividends ---- I understand, that you don't like the bank because of what they did 17 month ago. However, you like the bank now, for whatever reason because you are still banking with them. The fact is.... that b ...
  • champ: $WFC @ $59.95 --- #Declares Cash #Dividends, on all their Preferred Stocks on Friday 2/16 ....Dividends were as high as 8% ...on this Class A preferred ..#Series J... $WFCPrJ and they have other preferred stocks... for those looking for Yield, with d ...
  • jr3345: @champ $WFC $WFCPrJ $BAC I believe your analysis to be correct. However, my Aunt was one who had accounts opened w/o her knowledge. Took a while to make things right. Can't invest with $WFC. However I do have a stock position with JPM & long leap 75 calls with $C.
  • champ: @jr3345 $WFC $WFCPrJ $BAC $C --- Thanks, for the reply and I understand but thats my point and the reason why the stock dropped because of what happened to your Aunt, 17 months ago and many others...that is why the stock.. is the largest lagger but t ...
  • champ: $WFC just broke thru $60 and that is a important number for many and now, it would be nice if it could hold...$BAC is close to its ATH but is down a little. $WFC recent high was $66, on around 2/ and that is the next target but like all stocks, it could get a few zig-zags and this in now #Day-6 off of the recent low...on 2/9.
  • champ: @Forexpro $WFC $BAC $NTRS $STT $BK #Day-6 --- Yes, I like all the banks and I target news and low risk entries....Thanks, for the post, I will take a look.
  • Forexpro: @champ $WFC $BAC #Day-6 Thanks, Champ, Not sure why - it may have to do with goings-on at the short end of the yield curve - but it's the trust banks that are outperforming today. $NTRS, $STT and (to a lesser degree) $BK are all having decent days. Here's hoping that you're doing well; all the best! P.S. Hmm, well, only $STT is outperforming $KBE thus far this year, although all are handily beating $SPY.
  • champ: @bRobert $BX $HBAN $JPM $GS $BAC ---- #Top-Pick....$BAC --- I like all banks put my #Top-Pick in the sector is $BAC and it did outperform most all banks last year and 2018, is really going to be just the start, even at this level and I have posted, a ...
  • champ: $WFC up 0.81% $BAC up 0.66% ---- Banks are still slowly climbing and $WFC was the % leader again today but not by much and $GS was clearly this largest gainer, in the financial sector....after doing a quick look.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Banking is a sector that I keep a fairly close eye on. StockCharts makes it very easy to do comparison charts, and here's one for the large U.S. bank stocks, plus $SPY and the sector ETF ($KBE) for perspective. This is from the end of last year, so, ...
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Bank of America Corporation is a bank holding and a financial holding company. Through its subsidiaries, the Company provides banking and non-banking financial services and products throughout the United States and in selected international markets.

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