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BABA Weekly Chart

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  • bRobert: $BABA nh area. top of range. Stop raised on TRADING portion.
  • traderbren: $BABA -- new high. Long Calls from lower level.
  • DrScience: @traderbren $BABA CMF turning positive. A move to the top of the uptrend, zig-zag channel could fizzle out around 195, but a few days of rest could just wrap a $200 Christmas present for under the tree.
  • traderbren: @DrScience $BABA - let's hope for that $200+ gift under the tree! best, B.
  • numbers: There is a lot of ways to look at data. The report column are: ticker, no days above 20d sma for the last 200 days, growth for 200 days, relative price using the 200 day high/low, ATH (1000 day look back) or 200 day high. $ALGN 194 164 0.98 $CBOE 188 49 0.99 $AABA 185 63 0.95 $BABA 183 85 0.93 $GDOT 182 136 0.9 $PYPL 182 93 0.96 ATH $ISRG 182 68 0.96 ATH $NOVT 180 128 0.96 $IPGP 180 109 0.99 ATH $VRSN 180 39 0.99 ATH $ANET 178 145 0.99 ATH $TRU 177 70 0.98 ATH $MA 176 40 0.94 $TCEHY 175 97 0.99 ATH $RHT 174 62 0.99 $FAF 174 42 0.9 $ADBE 172 59 0.97 $PENN 170 93 0.97 $CGNX 169 103 0.99 $ABMD 169 85 0.96 $JOBS 169 74 0.91 $MCD 169 34 0.91 $TTWO 168 118 0.96 $WK 168 73 0.86 $SBAC 168 57 0.92 *I am not good at split handling, also my vendor may have not been tracking the stock from the issue date so ATH may not match the real data. I do the same report sorted by growth rate. I also do the same report for the last 100days and 50days.
  • success: $CBOE, $COHR, $FANH, $LOGM, $PRAH, $ESNT, $ICHR, $X, $BA, $BABA, $CRM, $ETFC, $GWRE,$IPGP. $PAYC, $VEEV . . busy past couple of weeks . . probably more stocks than I should have but at this point most are green or very close to B/E . . hope everyone's day is going well
  • Gary: ...
    3. $BABA
    4. $BLD – Holding at 50-day MA. Stop should be below $60
    5. $CBOE
    6. $CGNX – trailing stops
    7. $COHR
    8. $CORT
    9. $CTRL
    10. $DVMT – still consolidating
    11. $ESNT
    12. $GDI – new addition.
    13. $GWRE
    14. $ICHR – ...
  • bRobert: $BABA Added LEAP calls. 50d bounce.
  • traderbren: @bRobert $BABA - nice, me too. Thx
  • rachel: ...
    7. $BABA – holding at 50-day MA. No trade here for me…just a stock to hold.
    8. $OLLI – drifting lower and below the 50-day MA, so I wouldn’t buy it here. But if you are long, it’s still ok to hold. In a long narrow ...
  • bigbartabs: @rachel $XLF $JPM $BAC $T2100 $T2125 $SPX $DJI $MACD $DJT $CSX $NDX $JNK $HYG $GLD $YY $EPS $ESNT $SQ $GBTC $LRCX $BABA $OLLI $PAYC $NVDA $ROKU $FANH $CZR $JUNO $FB $ETFC $CBOE $SCHW $AMTD ... great notes. Thanks for posting this daily. This is especially valuable for our newer SMM members.
  • bRobert: @Motorman $BABA maybe his/hers Lambo's in the garage. Christmas is around the corner.
  • bRobert: $BABA tomorrow is China's Singles Day . Huge sales expected Monday pop.
  • CHOFF: @bRobert $BABA - has it popped historically after Single's Day? It always blows the record away but I don't see a pop in the charts following this event previously? What are you seeing that is different this time around?
  • bRobert: @CHOFF $BABA There were pops, but they were sold into. I trade around a core holding. should it happen, I may sell into a pop
  • Motorman: @bRobert $BABA according to Yahoo, Singles day topped $1.5 billion in first 3 minutes
  • Tony220397: @Motorman $BABA look @ pass years' chart , it seem to top out around single day. Personally I take profit on 2/3 of position.
  • gwenzee: @Motorman $BABA $10 B in 1 hr. and 6 mins. Our retailers are soiling their tidy whiteys.
  • rachel: ...
    4. $BABA – 4 & 3 EPS/Revs. Current status: Uptrend intact. Flattening.
    5. $BLD – Insulation installer. Low risk entry. Current status: Sideways squeeze. $67.25 buy point.
    6. $CBOE – 4 & 4 (3&4 flat) EPS/Revs. Curr ...
  • bRobert: $BABA Tight consolidation above breakout area. Singles day 11/11 Long leap call spreads
  • bRobert: $BABA Singles Day 11/11 . Globally is the largest e commerce day of the year . Should goose the usual suspects. AMZN summer event was a big boost to prime membership and sales
  • bRobert: $BABA Positive, healthy retest breakout. Long leap calls, call spreads
  • traderbren: $BABA -- looks constructive here. Long
  • bRobert: $BABA 15 point trading range. Range breakout target $200
  • bRobert: $BABA Range Breakout retest. Long leaps
  • optionswealth: @bRobert $BABA I am watching BABA for a new entry. I sold before the earnings report for a nice profit. I think it has at least a couple more trading days before it firms up again and possibly more from looking at past earnings behavior and the MACD.
  • bRobert: @optionswealth $BABA I have Leap call spreads in BABA. Then short term is up for grabs. The long term trajectory is clearer. I've been rolling leap calls for 100 points. revenue/eps growth is ridiculous. PEG < 1 . The story is far from over. If it pulls back, I will add more to a profitable position.
  • optionswealth: $BABA from the price action the market was not overly impressed with BABA earnings? Is there a reason for the muted move?
  • bRobert: @optionswealth $BABA You're a bit jaded. Stock just ran up 25 points in a week+. . Market extended Profit taking healthy. For those who like to accumulate great stocks on pullbacks, a good thing
  • fallon1234: $BABA Hi Everyone.....What are your thoughts on BABA? I'm a relatively new holder. Thank you :)
  • bRobert: @fallon1234 $BABA What's your time frame?
  • Amykris: @fallon1234 $BABA it's going to 200 imho.
  • fallon1234: @bRobert $BABA It's in my long term portfolio.
  • traderbren: $AAPL - decided to take my Nov $160 calls off the table as they are up huge. Still holding a core position in stock from much lower levels as its been a LT hold. I think $AAPL will report solid #'s but if $BABA is any indication, we could see some basic profit taking before it ramps higher into year-end.
  • grcjr: @traderbren $AAPL $BABA - You might want to consider rolling up your Calls to Dec or Jan $170 or $180, taking $$ off the table but staying long same number of Calls. Risk/Reward - your choice removed risk of loss but also the chance of gain. Rolling reduces risk of loss while keeping some ability to gain on a rise in price.
  • woodman: @issues $KEM $ALGN $ALRM $PAYC $CORT $ANET $OLLI $PCTY $IPCP $DVMT $NVDA $CTRL $GWRE $BABA $BLD $SQ $ESNT -I simply don't know what to make of this odd, announced "quiet period" in $KEM. When I think quiet period, I think buyout. But I don't think of a buyout with an announced quiet period. I might be inclined to buy it back when the dust settles if I could make heads or tails of the situation. Obviously, the Market is spooked by it. I see $CORT is on that list. I sold mine today before earnings.
  • issues: @woodman $KEM was on Dan's long term hold list that he went over last weekend. I guess Dan goofed short term. Also on Dan's LTH list were: $ALGN $ALRM $PAYC $CORT $ANET (he said to hold through earnings. Earnings growth up... wow is me today but still holding. Also on his list were: $OLLI $PCTY $IPCP $DVMT $NVDA $CTRL $GWRE $BABA $BLD $SQ $ESNT... (not sure where his list is posted.) Ironically KEM is still #1 in ELECTRONIC-PARTS GROUP #47 and rated 99 Cumulative and B- accumulation. And still on the IBD 50 list.
  • traderbren: @grcjr $AAPL $BABA - I agree. Appreciate the feedback and insight.
  • bRobert: @fallon1234 $BABA The stock is up 100% this year. It has been in sideways consolidation for several months. It had run $25 into earnings before pulling back. The short term picture is cloudy . This has been a premier holding stock . Fundamentals are strong and the valuation is very reasonable Set it and forget it . Look at the weekly chart. It has not touched the 20w all year.
  • geotheo: @issues $KEM $ALGN $ALRM $PAYC $CORT $ANET $OLLI $PCTY $IPCP $DVMT $NVDA $CTRL $GWRE $BABA $BLD $SQ $ESNT #1 #47 The list is to the right of the top few posts. Select "Watchlist". Right under "Moving", "Trending.
  • fallon1234: @bRobert $BABA Thank you. I'll do just that. I get confused as to whether to sell or add on long term a correction or pull back....or do nothing. It depends on the reason for them. I suppose in either case, as long as it's not a company problem, adding or doing nothing would be good. Can you tell that I'm relatively new at this? But, trying to learn as much as I can.
  • Bridget: Earnings after the Close: $FB $GPRO $RIG $QCOM $YELP $TSLA $SHAK Earnings before open tomorrow: $APA $YUM $CHK $BABA $RL
  • bRobert: $BABA Caught the amazon bouquet. Running into earnings . 11/2
  • steve71: $BABA Probably seeing a Barron's Bounce today. Saturday's issue noted that the President Xi 5 Year Plan is for China to shift consumer spending from 40% to 63% of GDP. Big upside potential for BABA. Potential risk is that the Chinese government can interfere with the company or the entire market at any time.
  • bRobert: @steve71 $BABA Amzn pin action bounce and run to earnings 11/2
  • optionswealth: @bRobert $BABA They report before the open on 11/02 so if anyone wants to sell before earnings looking at 11/01 before the bell.
  • bRobert: @optionswealth $BABA Multiyear core holding via Leap calls . Will hold with small safety net.
  • bigbartabs: $AMZN $BABA $XRT... looks like Amazon and Alibaba traders are taking full advantage of the XRT societal disaster.
  • bRobert: $BABA added earlier today to LEAPS . (Spread) .
  • issues: @bRobert $BABA compares to $SINA on the chart. $BIDU ? Someday... Holding 1/2 BABA.
  • bRobert: $BABA Triple bottom bounce working. Earnings 11/2. Long leap calls.
  • rachel: ...
    14. $BABA -- looks like $CTRL (and earnings are both on 11/2)
    15. $BLD -- Insulation services. Fast grower. Still under accumulation. Handle between $63-$67. 11/7 earnings
    16. $SQ -- still going. Hang on to this.
    17. $ESNT -- 11/9. Phase 2 of ...
  • bRobert: $BABA This should catch the next bouquet. Earnings 11/2
  • rachel: ...
    12. $BABA -- will remove from GL if $166.75 is broken. Fundamentals are strong...but the chart is not good.
    13. $TAL -- had warning that this should be sold before earnings. 75% run since last earnings. “Has the market anticipated a good nu ...
  • spmeyers: $BABA below 50-day first time in 2017; watching for buyers around $165
  • rachel: ...
    $BABA -- breaking down on volume. Stay out of this. Earnings on 11/2…but a lot can happen between now and then. Don’t use the hope strategy on your position (And I know that some of you have this stock).
    $WB -- volatility ...
  • BigOx: $baba any thoughts on BABA here and the pull back?
  • spmeyers: @BigOx $baba you could take a starter position here or wait for more buying to confirm a move; I'm waiting
  • BigOx: $BABA Dan could you please comment on $BABA tonight or now, as it seems somewhat disappointing with the rest of the market.
  • BigOx: @spmeyers $baba Many thanks, I am long, did add, saw a decent lift today, but it seems heavy here.
  • Amykris: @BigOx $BABA Chinese stocks r weak. People not interested in buying before earnings. Frankly I think earnings will be great for the stock. Never love stocks that run into earnings.
  • DAN: @BigOx $BABA BABA isn't participating. Not a good indication for bulls. I think it's still ok to hold, but I personally wouldn't buy it here. Would need to see some buying come in on high volume, and not seeing that now.
  • cmaxwel1: $WB closing out , adding $BABA
  • rah: @cmaxwel1 $WB $BABA - Consider $CQQQ to reduce individual stock exposure, if desiring a longer term hold. Only mentioning this just in case you had not seen it. ETF currently does hold a smaller amount of $WB (<4%) and does have ~12% of $BABA. $CQQQ (+68% ytd) vs $BABA (102% ytd) but it may be easier to hold going forward. Maybe some of both. rah
  • traderbren: $BABA - looks like it wants to kiss the 50dma.
  • DAN: @traderbren $BABA Yep. Chinese stocks are all weak today. I suggest caution on these.
  • traderbren: @DAN $BABA - yep. thanks. Looks like $BABA kissed the 50dma and buyers came in. We'll see how it closes on the day.
  • traderbren: $BABA - low risk entry with today's move to the 50dma.
  • fallon1234: $BABA Hi again....forgot to add stock symbol.
  • rachel: ...
    $BABA – selling volume increasing. Would NOT be buying here. A stock in demand doesn’t pull back 2.2% on volume.
    $TGT – Breakout from flag on volume. Higher lows. Stock is being bought now.
    $LULU – still in channel. This is ...
  • bsafriet: @traderbren $BABA I’d wait for a reversal before entering. Market momentum is against you.
  • rachel: ...
    1. $BABA – very orderly price activity. On our Growth List.
    2. $BIDU – strong. Very overextended here. Earnings Thursday. Overbought now. Risky to hold.
    3. $MOMO – coming out of volatility squeeze to lower prices. Distributio ...
  • wood: $BABA $MZOR - anyone considering buying these on the opening dip?
  • DAN: @wood $BABA $MZOR BABA might work. It's only down slightly below yesterday's open and less than 3% higher than the 50-day moving avearage. So this is probably a good time to be grabbing some stock. Mazor might also work, but that's a different dynamic than BABA. Yesterday that stock ramped 6.5% on nearly 3 times average volume. So we've gotta respect this pullback because it "might" flush out more selling from yesterday. So watch it very closely. Don't just reflexively buy...but don't just sit there and stare if the stock does start moving higher. Mazor isn't making money, but its revenues are growing fast and accelerating. Dan
  • wood: @DAN $BABA $MZOR --thank you Dan
  • woodman: @wood $BABA $MZOR - Tough day for MOZR. I am not buying MZOR, but I am not looking to buy. This is a holding position for me. It's a long term story. That said, it's on rising support from drawn from 8/21/17 right now.
  • ascutia833sunset: $BABA started a small position today
  • DAN: ...
    I'll cover some of them tonight, and will take a deeper look this weekend. But as a trader, it's also important to remember that there are actually few great times to buy these stocks. Because they are in established uptrends, they don't often pul ...
  • rachel: ...
    12. $BABA – low risk entry here, with 3% stop.
    13. $OLLI – careful here. Needs to regain 50-day MA soon…do NOT be buying here. Must be above 50-day MA.
    14. $CTRL – good fundamentals…but this is institutional selling ...
  • JustJoe: Last night during China's President Xi's bi-annual SOS speech he did bring up the recently floated idea of having China buy 1% of the the country's privately held tech stocks. This would give the state input on corp decision making. I"ve tightened up my stops on $BABA.
  • bRobert: $JD $BABA JD low risk/high reward . tight consolidation. Looking at this and BABA to run into Chinese Single's Day nest month
  • traderbren: $BABA - some gas coming out of the tank.
  • Gary: ...
    12. $BABA – mentioned yesterday that it wasn’t a good entry and was due for a pullback. This is the pullback. Wait for it to run its course….but should buy on any weakness near 50-day MA. No signs of
    13. $BLD – Insulation ...
  • bwcarnation1: $BABA moving up nh on vol
  • Thebigshort: $baba. Is $baba squeezing or at the top of the channel
  • Gary: ...
    7. $BABA – Keeps setting all-time highs. Due for a rest. Several weeks before earnings. Not at a great level to buy the stock right now. 45% annual EPS growth. Quarterly EPS/Revs: (39/47, 30/44, 37/50, 60/53). Fast grower.
    8. $ICHR &ndas ...
  • bRobert: $BABA Big dog. nh after sideways consolidation. ADX MACD cross. Long leap calls Chinese Singles day (similar to Black Friday) Nov 11. Look for many names to run up
  • Aragorn: $BABA new day new ATH
  • Gary: ...
    12. $BABA – still working. Another ATH.
    13. $YY – flag
    14. $HTHT – blowing out the upside. High volume. Went all the way to R3. Chasing this now. Use trailing stops if you own this. Weekly chart shows parabolic move. Anoth ...
  • Sluggo: $YY Does anyone know why this best house in a bad neighborhood (Chinese stocks) is up 10% today? My news feed from TC2000 isn't showing anything. Sold my $BABA yesterday for a slight gain and sold my $YY for $82 today for a decent profit but never dreamed it would spike on volume above that. Weird.
  • bwcarnation1: @Sluggo $YY $BABA I haven't found any news either...bought $YY yesterday and it immediately went down $5 but I held it and now up 4.5%. Should have added at some point in the rebound but missed it looking elsewhere. Vol is very strong so I'm holding for now, hope its not a top.
  • Sluggo: @bwcarnation1 $YY $BABA Well, that was my thinking when I sold $YY at $82. It was a multiple top according to Dan last night and the rest of the Chinese stocks were getting smacked yesterday with very little bounce today. $YY does seem to have some "magic" to it. I mean, the PE is 15 and the growth rate is a lot higher than that. But, that doesn't explain the bump today.
  • JustJoe: $BABA, $CBOE, $EARN, $MAN, $NEWT, By By BABA! going down on volume!
  • Sluggo: $BABA $YY @dan $BABA $YY Dan, most all of the Chinese stocks are taking a major hit today. YY seems to be holding on the best. Should we not be buying Chinese stocks with the sabre rattling in North Korea? My cost on $BABA is $170 and YY is $74. Should I hold these?
  • Bridget: @Sluggo $BABA $YY I think you are fine on $YY for now. Either put a stop at your breakeven or just below the 50dMA. For BABA I would be a bit more cautious. Certainly lighten up on your position here and sell if there is a bounce but fails to reach a new high before rolling over again. Close it down if this breaks below $160. Those are my thoughts. I'm expecting some sideways chop for awhile. I put on an iron condor today.
  • Sluggo: @Bridget $BABA $YY Bridget, thanks for your input. I really appreciate you, Woodman, Dan, Aragorn and others. I sold 1/3 of my YY and BABA today and am just in a waiting mode to see what happens with a tight stop. They are the only 2 Chinese stocks that I have had out of my 15 positions because I have seen this happen before recently. Should be about a break even, or a push in blackjack :)
  • Samik: @Dan good day to buy $BABA, $SINA, $CC, $AMT, $WB ?
  • Bridget: @Samik $BABA $SINA $CC $AMT $WB Buy winners, not losers. I would suggest you sit on your hands today and wait to see what happens tomorrow. Will we get a bounce or more selling.
  • Bridget: #Notes: earnings: $NKE $DRI $CCL In a Squeeze: $GOGL $EXPE $HCA $ALXN $LQD $ADP Breaking out: $CL $OEC $EMN $FISV $TWX $VAC $GES $HPE $CLDX $ANET - bearish engulfing after new high $BMA - phase 2 $EA $ATVI - breaking down from squeeze $XAR - defense stocks seeing pullback, even with N Korea issues $MCO - working $MON - working $ABT $HD - new high after flag New lows - $DGX $INCY CHinese stocks taking a hit - $FXI $BABA BIDU SINA EDU TAL $PYPL $SQ $V - getting sold today $XLK - tech stocks took a big hit $MSFT $AVGO $LRCX $XLI - extended $EEM - dropped $GDX - finding support Oil stocks still running $MOD $LEA $DAN - auto parts working IPOs $AKCA $SOI
  • issues: @Bridget $BABA $SINA $CC $AMT $WB right but I'm waiting for the green day (Dan's Irish - you know).
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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is an online & mobile commerce company. Through its subsidiaries, it provides retail and wholesale marketplaces available through both personal computer and mobile interfaces.

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