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Strategy Session December 7th, 2017

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December 7th, 2017
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  • debeers: $BA-Long Form:Boeing and and Malaysia Airlines sign memorandum of understanding for 16 airplanes
    4:25 AM ET, 09/13/2017 -
    Boeing and Malaysia Airlines Berhad (Malaysia Airlines) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for 16 airplanes.The s ...
  • steve71: @debeers $BA DeBeers, you are absolutely right about item two. Both the carmakers and the airplane manufacturers use a similar model of selling new units at or near cost. The real money is in selling replacement parts and service contracts over the life of the unit. Especially for jets, the costs are astonishing. A full brake job for your GMC vehicle might be $800. For a Learjet it's $12,000. For a Boeing, who knows? Everything scales like that.
  • debeers: @steve71 $BA -Yup-- of course its hit its head on the ceiling but certainly keeping this one thru 10/26. #3 is very very important: the more Avionics BA can make for itself, the less it has to buy from others, the greater the profit.
  • debeers: $BA-for steve-I was almost thinking that they were going to take the day off-but Noooooooooooo. They got the contract to modify Air Force One. Another day, another buck. I mean really--Who was POTUS going to give the contract to Airbus??
  • debeers: $BA-POTUS just authorized to sell the Arabic allies in Kuwait the B-55 super-honet fleet . Add this to the 10 year backlog guys. BA has got your six!!.
  • grcjr: $BA just something to watch. Been in consolidation. Into a tightening VS. Wait to see a break out
  • bRobert: @grcjr $BA This sideways consolidation will give time for the 50d to catch up.
  • Bridget: @Vehid $HON #newbie All the defense stocks have been performing well. I like some of the other ones better than $HON. $BA has held up very well. $RTN still looks strong. and $NOC is in a steady uptrend. $HON would not be my first choice.
  • DAN: @Vehid $HON #newbie Hi Vehid. Aerospace/defense is in a good spot, and most stocks are doing really well. Honeywell is a bit choppy, but you could buy this one as long as last week's low holds. Just expect it to consolidate a bit between $135-140, By the way, I agree with Bridget -- HON probably not your first choice. But it works. $BA would be my first choice. (Though, again, I have mostly cash now and am only trading a few things very lightly. I don't want to give back my profits, and this is a seasonally weak time).
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $HON $BA ... is there a chart indicator that focuses on "exhausted selling" ?
  • Bridget: @bigbartabs $HON $BA I typically use ADX. A reading under 10 is an extreme, then enter going the other direction when it spikes back above 10. Or a hammer on the daily.
  • DAN: @bigbartabs $HON $BA Not that I know of. I just look at volume and trading range. If the daily range is very very long, and volume bars are very very high, that's an indication that there was overwhelming activity (volume bar height), and the aggressiveness was all on the side of sellers (magnitude of the move). I'll cover it tonight. Seems like a good topic.
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $HON $BA ... exhausted selling... yes, that would be a good topic. Probably for many of us... thanks.
  • grcjr: $RTN $LMT $BA - $RTN still in uptrend but taking a hit today. $LMT basically the same. $BA moving back up into consolidation.
  • Hank1: $SPXL $BABA $V $CURE $LABU $BA $TECL $FB ... sold down these positions (80 to 100%) to raise cash and protect profits. Now is not the time for being Nacho Libre. Raising stops on aerospace and defense stocks. 60% cash in my trading account and I'm wondering if its too low. In any case, looking at this pull back as another potential opportunity.
  • JBed: @Hank1 $SPXL $BABA $V $CURE $LABU $BA $TECL $FB I'm 75% cash, don't think it's too low. The geopolitical situation is too uncertain.
  • DrScience: $SPR pulling back from earnings blowout a little more strongly than $BA, but airliners are being built. Watching more closely for an opportunity to sell premium once the pullback finds support, likely a buck or two lower. Interesting article from a few days ago... Also, cohort $TXT is squeezing just above the 50 and 200 DMA's.
  • DAN: Good morning. It's not a big surprise that the market is set to open higher this morning. Why isn't it a surprise? Well, because the market is open today; and that's what the market does. And we need to run with the bulls while the bulls are runn ...
  • Geewhiz: @DAN $FB $AMZN $AAPL $NFLX $GOOGL $BA $GS $MCD $UNH $CSCO $KO $VZ Digging deeper into the diamond mind. $FFWM BTO @ 17.35 Thank you for the not so crowded trade area.
  • DAN: @ROSEY Hey Rosey. Well, TAN still works today...but I think a lot of that is $SEDG, which is up huge. The rest of the solar stocks are weak. So I'm cautious about the sector now. $SOCL looks ok in specific stocks. $GRUB $WB. And financials are ...
  • DAN: ...
    There's no such thing as 'catching up' in trading. Amateurs pile into an obvious stock after it has made a huge move because they "know" that it's just going to keep advancing. they want to make all the money that they could have made h ...
  • champ: @DAN $BA $ILMN $BIDU $NFLX $FB ---- I'm not carry very many positions and taking profits on zig-zags and even in my $PXD trade, if they give me their $$$ I'm going to take them...this Market can really chop you up...I agree with everything that you said and Thanks for the heads-up on $VZ this morning and now I expect... that you will comp my next bill.
  • debeers: $BA-developing own avionics systems: what it means for the company: the most expensive outsourcing for this manufacturer is its avionics systems which have ALWAYS been outsourced. Now Boeing will be working on its own systems:. What does avionics cover? flight controls, communications, navigation, sensors and warning systems even including flight deck displays. Ups the profitability immeasurably.Let me revise that: kicks in another 20% profit growth. .
  • hawk327: @debeers $BA Could there be any possible acquisition targets? . I would expect them to move in steps, system by system rather than the whole package. I worked on avionics, when I was in military. "Some" systems are very complex and it would be pretty tough to start from scratch. I would also expect a certification process, for aviation equipmet, that would be easier to acquire. Other systems are basically just radios so relatively easier.
  • stevef214: @debeers $BA I agree with hack327, being an electrical engineer I can say the systems are very complex to design and being directly related to the safety of many lives, they are just as complex to test. Not an endeavor you just jump into and will take mush planning and time and not saying Boeing is not capable of doing it. They must be involved at some level all ready. Not to be glib at all but to give an analogy, its like the best heart surgeon saying I am going to also do brain surgery because I can make more money. Probably most capable of doing so but not after gaining the necessary schooling and training and supervised experience.
  • grcjr: @debeers $BA - Not sure but I'm thinking an acquisition could be tough as the avionics supplier to $BA likely supplies the other companies also.
  • Wolf: @grcjr $BA $SPR is a good play for $BA. They are a major supplier, but yes, they do supply other airlines. Most of the long time employees are former Boeing as $BA used to own them.
  • Wolf: $BAESY Just crossed above the 20DMA. With the popularity of $BA, they may catch a tail wind as a supplier. Long starter. *Note, Fidelity doesn't allow stops on this ticker.
  • billybob_jethro: @Dan - $BA time to short? I did at~242
  • DAN: @billybob_jethro $BA Yep. I think so. (Hope so, b/c I'm short).
  • psa512: I'm short $BA also. $BIDU is another one when it breaks 222.
  • Shopaholic526: @psa512 $BA $BIDU $ULTA I'll give it another day.
  • debeers: $BA-Credit Suisse sets 300 target. Side Note:, Credit Suisse was one of the few financials to actually make money.
  • debeers: $BA-What would change the story for $BA apart from selling planes? FYI: $BA has set up its own avionics center the goal of which is to produce its own avionics and flight controls which would substantially reduce its dependence on some of their major suppliers and would streamline quality control. Paradigm shift.
  • cmaxwel1: $BA stop loss for partial at 235 $T stop loss for partial at 39
  • DAN: Just a quick note this morning about where I am looking.

    While there is a lot going on today, my attention will be primarily on Amazon ($AMZN), Boeing ($BA) and Baidu ($BIDU).

    Boeing is up so much that it looks like a blowoff top. So I'll be watch ...
  • DAN: $BIDU $BA -- short BA and BIDU. AMZN...nothing to do here/yet.
  • wijimmy: @DAN $BIDU $BA Where is the cover for $BIDU
  • Beaver: @DAN $BIDU $BA I am trying to understand "shorting". When you short BA and BIDU do you us Put Spreads? and if so, what value?
  • debeers: $BA-sold for 241 this am and internd on using the Danny rule: I get to buy it back if it closes 1 Per Cent above where I sold it. Thanks, DAN.
  • roadrunr: @Beaver $BIDU $BA Shorting a security means borrowing it from the broker on margin and selling it. You will have to pay a fee and buy back the security eventually. This is a short-term strategy to make money a falling price.
  • DAN: @Beaver $BIDU $BA Nope. Sell the stock. no options.
  • Junior1: $BA shorted earlier. will cover at 240.0. Just broke above 1m VWAP. Not the best signal for being short
  • DAN: $BA $BIDU $AMZN -- market is pretty strong today, and I respect the volatility. I have covered my short in BA for a "break even". Shorted it on the way down, covered it on the way up. Meh. That's trading. $BIDU -- I lost a bit of money on my short, but I have made it back and then some b/c I pivoted and bought the stock. I have tight, fractional stops along the way. My intraday price target is $220...That's the level at which I'd be looking for selling. If you are not an active trader who is used to adapting quickly, this is not your market.
  • Junior1: @Junior1 $BA Covered. small nick. But I still hate being wrong
  • cmaxwel1: @debeers $BA (You are right, this is an excellent lower dollar play) $BA large decade long position.
  • debeers: $LRCX-DAN was right about this stock and debeers was fortunate enough to sell 3/4 into the open when she discovered that it wasn't even meeting the pre trades. Now, as to $BA---imagine that there are only 2 companies in the whole world that can do what you do and the other one is 1.behind in deliveries 2. has failing Pratt & Whitney engines oh, yes: as always saving the best for last: 3.As you might recall the last Congress actually voted for the Export Import Bank. Dollar goes up--there's the bank, dollar goes down, you laugh all the way to your own bank because the exchange rate now favors you. And golly gee, anyone doing biz here where we account for more $$$ to them than Germany well, well, well.............................
  • debeers: @cmaxwel1 $BA -in and out but amped up November 9 and not by accident either and stayed and added on dips to this uptrending stock.
  • cmaxwel1: @debeers $BA (I'm the guy that dumpster dived into $BA when they had a two year problem with 787 dreamliner) My best stock in portfolio ($66 cost basis), and on top I have dividend reinvested since. I love America. Long Term Rollover IRA account. (not trading account).
  • DAN: @debeers $BA LRCX -- gotta take advantage of that big whoosh of buying. BA....still in liftoff mode, I guess.
  • Henry: @champ #News # We are still talking about border tax? I'll take your word for it, I've been taking Mike Pence's suggestion that you need a 10' pole to turn on the TV. Fast Money tonight had a JPM analyst who piled on to the Howard Marks prediction at 12:30 Cramer said tonight that the stocks that finished at their highs today will finish lower tomorrow. I hadn't thought about that scenario. With what @Dan said yesterday and what I was seeing at 12:30 I sold my mother's $BA It closed at the highs. It just went long term and I have no regrets no matter what it does.
  • DAN: $BA -- I have been bullish on Boeing for quite a while. However, I'll admit that I sold long ago, and the stock is not letting me back in. Very frustrating to see a stock run without you,...particularly when you look at the chart and say, "Now why did I sell back there?" That's part of trading...and I don't get any credit for the subsequent move, and I sure can't make up those missed profits by buying now. Only thing I can do is just sigh and think of it as a missed opportunity. With thousands of stocks trading each day, I'm pretty sure that this isn't the only opportunity I am missing. *-\
  • debeers: @DAN $BA -It is very hard to hold stocks on days that they go down. Especially on days when they go down a lot. Most of your calls are spot on. Don't beat yourself up. My main reason for holding was that there are only 2 suppliers to aircraft and, with the current situation, I doubt if any major co is going to give Airbus a priority. That was my reason for keeping and I only got into BA November 9 and added 2 weeks before the Paris Airshow which is the single biggest event of the year in aircraft sales. We'd all like do overs.
  • bigbartabs: @debeers @DAN $BA ... I have a good friend that flew F4s in Viet Nam, and then did some airline piloting when he retired from the military. He has sent me many jokes about Airbus... apparently the airline pilot community is a big fan of Boeing... not Airbus.
  • debeers: @bigbartabs $BA -Yes. An engineer friend of mine worked on their cockpit instrumentation...said the same thing.
  • Kid2old: $BA No inside information, I talked with a person in data processing around 7/1, they said that are making planes so fast for the Asian market that they are building 7 painting booths in China and sending unpainted planes there for painting. No room at current production plant (only 2 painting booths). I took a small starter position on 7/12 after looking a chart for 6 days. Should have add, but would not pull back close to the 20 dma.
  • DAN: @debeers $BA One of my favorite shows is "Why Planes Crash." Not sure where that's relevant here...but it is one of my favorite shows. ;-) So far, BA isn't crashing.
  • Lynda: @DAN $BA Ditto here. I sold the rest of the shares I had yesterday before the market closed.
  • DAN: @bigbartabs $BA Well, I don't care what the seats feel like back in the cabin. I care about what the pilots think about the plane up in the cockpit. Me likee Boeings.
  • Shopaholic526: $DPZ $BA $DPZ only sold half before earnings. It crashed. Learned my lesson and sold $BA before earnings. Missed a huge pop. Why can't I get this right.
  • Bridget: @Shopaholic526 $DPZ $BA Because you will never know what it is going to do, holding over earnings is always a gamble. It isn't about whether you were right or wrong, you have to pick a strategy and stick with it. So make some rules for yourself that you will always follow. You can adjust these rules but have a reason for doing so.
  • Shopaholic526: @DAN $BA Sold before earnings. Can't complain (I can always complain) still had a nice profit.
  • debeers: @Bridget $DPZ $BA -What Bridget said. I never owned DPZ so i missed a lot.In my neighborhood there is onmly one chain that does a lot of biz and its Amici's which, the minute it goes public I'm buying. Real east coast thin crust and they have all of us over a barrel so they charge up the yin yang.
  • Shopaholic526: @debeers $DPZ $BA Would never eat $DPZ. Not a big fan of $NTRI either but the chart looked so good, I had to buy. Sold before earning.
  • bsafriet: $BA. To all that took profits and sold yesterday -- now we wait for an entry. I must admit that I let negative news scare me out. Besides the 737 max market, where are the sales. Lots of layoffs don't translate to long term growth. I plan on reading the call transcript and learning what I'm missing.
  • Lynda: @bsafriet $BA Don't beat yourself up. We spoke yesterday and decided to sell before earning. You never know how the market is going to react to earnings. And lots of layoff could be because of automation. I personally made some profits and I am happy for it. Yes, there is always more but there is less too.
  • debeers: @bsafriet $PBYI $RACE $LRCX $BA $ULTA -RE: ULTA I think that I'd like to see a few greenies together. No rush as earnings aren't for awhile. You have time. Instead of focusing on 1 among many in the beauty space, you could be driving a one of a kind:Ferrari and I think it would glam you up bigtime! LOL
  • Lynda: $BA Anybody holding over earning? It's so extended that I think is best to sell but if I was so sure I would've done it already.
  • bsafriet: @Lynda $BA Working on that conundrum now.... get back to you.
  • bsafriet: @Lynda $BA Earnings Whispers forecasting eps of $2.40 vs $2.32 consensus. Revenue at $2.40 bln. $BA selling-off this afternoon - not a good sign. Deliveries and lay-offs makes me want to play it safe. Options priced in a 2.68% move, but the direction not indicated. I am going to sell rather than hold. Can always buy it back. Good luck -- hope this helps. I'm out at $212.10
  • bsafriet: @bsafriet $BA pls note the correction - $BA selling off
  • Lynda: @bsafriet $BA Thanks so much. I am going to sell too, I don't want to lose the profits I already have.
  • tjv821: @bsafriet $BA see how worked w google
  • Lynda: @Lynda $BA Sold. Thanks so much, I just needed another push. It didn't work with $GOOGL so probably is not going to work with $BA no matter how good the earnings are.
  • Bridget: #Notes: $XLF and $XLE saw a nice turn $XLB and $XME continued higher $XLV and $XBI - down on uncertainty Earnings today: $GOOGL - gap down $MCD - breakout higher $CAT - breakout higher $STX - gap down and bounce $LLY - pullback to support $MMM - gap down $UTX - break down Earnings to come: $WYNN $BA $X $KO $CMG $T $AMD $MTSI - working $JD - working $CC - working $SYMC - working $BOFI - breakout $FOSL/$JWN/$GPS/$JCP - rising from the grave $DRI - breaking down from squeeze $PLAY - starting to look toppy $ZTS - break down from squeeze $LITE - slight pullback $VEEV - slight pullback IPOs $IPO - this IPO ETF is at all time highs $BL - breakout $ADSW - new high $JHG - top of the range
  • DAN: Good morning. We're looking at a flat open as traders wait for earnings numbers from:

    Monday: $HAL, $APC, $ARNC, $HAS, and $GOOGL
    Tuesday: $MCD, $GM, $AMGN, $CMG, $CAT, $T
    Wednesday: $FB, $F, $WFM, $KO, $BA
    Thursday: $UPS, $CMCSA $MA, $TWTR, $VZ an ...
  • grcjr: several #new52+weekhighs - $BA $RTN $GD ... other aero/defense close including $LMT $COL $NOC. I really like the charts for $RTN and $BA which are the two that I own.
  • debeers: $BA-Think of yesterday as a sort of touch and go while Boeing refueled.
  • bsafriet: @debeers $PBYI $RACE $LRCX $BA What's your current thinking on $ULTA? Has it put in a bottom or are the last few days just a pause in the blood bath? I think the low was put in on 7/11 with the 12 point drop on over 3 mln shares traded. The low at 253.09 has held so far, surviving 2 tests this week.
  • debeers: $PBYI-That predicted pullback after yesterday's huge move? Not so much. $RACE-Not content with up over 100 percent for the past 12 months and 67% ytd the Ferrari races to 100. The temporary PB was due to its loss in the Canada Grand prix. it loses to no one in the Sexy Auto Grand Prix. Perhaps you've heard of it? $LRCX-it would have been a bleating shame if you got out of Lam wouldn't it. $BA-still got your Six (ask any pilot what this is).
  • DAN: Good morning. The futures are pointing to a slightly higher open this morning, with the Nasdaq once again attracting the most buying. This entire week should be pretty busy, with several high-profile companies reporting earnings.

    Netflix ($NFLX) r ...
  • debeers: $BA-It doesn't matter that Jim Cramer thinks that the financials should be leading the Dow instead of Boeing. That is arrogance personified: Boeing is le leading the DOW because Boeing deserves to lead the Dow. Here's today's example of why: and by the way, in a market where there are only 2 major carriers- for heaven's sake, if you cannot spend a few minutes to figure out which of the 2 is best-maybe you should let someone else manage your dough. Today's post on Boeing: 07:18 AM EDT, 07/12/2017 (MT Newswires) -- Aercap Holdings N.V (AER) said Wednesday that during Q2 it signed lease agreements for 65 aircraft; purchased 11 aircraft; and executed sale transactions for 32 aircraft.In addition, AerCap signed an agreement with Boeing (BA) for an order of 30 787-9 aircraft. Price: 47.12, Change: , Percent Change:
  • grcjr: $LMT $RTN $BA - I have a position in $RTN and $BA. Been watching for a good time to initiate a position in $LMT but when I did a comparison chart it appears that $RTN and $LMT trade in lock step ... not surprising but a nice chart makes it easy to see. Also, $BA is clearly the overall winner. $BA is the green line. $RTN the blue, $LMT the base chart. It is a daily chart over a 6 month period.
  • Bridget: $BA at a new high
  • ogas: $BA - going higher - anyone consider it a buy right here?
  • Bridget: Notes: $SPY - the battle between the bulls and bears continues. Dips get bought but we are still seeing lower highs. Someone has got to win soon. $XLF seeing some weakness $SMH - semis are still moving higher, uptrend could be restored or this is a bear trap $XRT - looking for a double bottom here $TTWO - at a good buy point $BA - at a new high $FCAU - breakout $YRD - finally a real breakout $EWW - breakout $ZTO - breakout, #IPO $YELP - trying to breakout $VALE - still going $BOBE - break down $PEP - down on earnings
  • grcjr: $BA one of my favorites set another 52+week high today. I added near the open.
  • bRobert: @Bridget $SPY $XLF $SMH $XRT $TTWO $BA $FCAU $YRD $EWW $ZTO $YELP $VALE $BOBE $PEP #IPO Yrd. Nice tight weekly squeeze. Likey.
  • debeers: $BA-New all-time highs-its about time for it to be up, up & away--domestic and defense..
  • grcjr: $MU $MCD $GLW $NLY $BA some of those setting 52+ week new highs.
  • humble: @DAN $BA any thoughts on BA...looks like little jimmy shaker day....sell programs 10:45......whippin today
  • DAN: @humble $BA I really like Boeing and wish I owned something to hold for a while. But it's not at a place where I could responsibly consider buying it. I guarantee you that, if I bought some at this level, the stock would immediately fall. ...
  • humble: @DAN $BA $MCD Ill bet you did "back in the day" lol.....thank u
  • grcjr: $BA to open at the $200 mark. Recent attempt to hold above $200 failed. Maybe this time. Long.
  • debeers: @grcjr $BA -cool your jets: if we go to war, Boeing wins. If we keep the peace, Boeing wins. either way, its a winner winner chicken dinner play in the duopoly game. You are way too smart to be fooled by daily zigs and zags.
  • debeers: $BA-Worrying about $BA is like me worrying about the Pats because its totally unnecessary and it won't change a thing.Got that grcr?
  • champ: $BA @ $201 ---- HOD and ATH all winners in this stock. News flow is....still....very positive on new orders....should go even higher ....I added a little this morning.
  • grcjr: @champ $BA - also added another nibble.
  • debeers: @grcjr $BA -Not me. I have a full position and just letting this employee go to work every day. I add on pullbacks of uptrending stocks.
  • grcjr: @debeers $BA - added two days ago on small pullback. My position is a combo of stock (up 1% today) and Calls (up 18% today). Adding to working position on pull back and/or break out.
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Volume 5,484,790

Boeing Co, together with its subsidiaries designs, develops, manufactures, sells, services and supports commercial jetliners, military aircraft, satellites, missile defense, human space flight and launch systems and services.

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