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Strategy Session August 9th, 2017

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  • tigerjohn8: @Esther $HAL Thanks Esther, read that and took an intial $HAL position. This article and some things I've read elsewhere suggest a number of defense companies ( $BA and $LMT for example) will also be signing big contracts at this meeting in Riyadh. I've got a position in $RTN
  • Bridget: Stocks still seeing weakness, possible shorts - $GHL $NKE $UPS $PFE $BA $SYMC $SNPS $BMY
  • RedLeaf1: @Henry $LMT $GD $RTN There was a rumor of $BA acquiring $RTN.
  • Henry: @RedLeaf1 $LMT $GD $RTN $BA thanks. I'm long GD and RTN. Usually I ignore rumors. Our little guy in N Korea will keep these stocks going without a buyout.
  • bwcarnation1: $BA tagged 50dma with a long tail and then started moving. bought some
  • Bridget: ...
    $BA - starting to look like a double top again
  • Bridget: $BA is now pushing higher. It tested this level three times before pushing through. Ex-Div on 5/10.
  • DAN: @Bridget $BA Really great pattern on BA. Shall cup and handle...and a new high.
  • Hank1: $BA...I'm adding to my long if it can close above 185.71.
  • Bridget: Notes: Quite a few good performing stocks pulling back today. Taking a breather. Closed a lot more positions today than I opened. $BA - cup and handle pattern $XLNX - nice cup patterm $MRCY - new 52 week high $SODA - working $KTOS - new all time high $TSEM - new all time high $AAOI - resistance still at $60 $NWL - good ER, breakout from consolidation $WYNN $MLCO - profit taking looks done. Can look at possible entry. $KITE - breakout and down, $JUNO followed $CELG - breakout and down, looking at $115-116 for support $AMC - ER this afternoon, Weekly chart looks like a short set-up $COMM - still holding at 200ma $RL - another try to breakout but pulled back $DDD - 3D printing stocks up big today
  • Bridget: $BA starting to look like a double top here.
  • Nick: For an IRA: Bought $BA at 180.85. It is breaking out of a symmetrical triangle on the 5 minute chart. My stop is just below 179. I'll do a #CoveredCall when it clears the post earrings gap.
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $SPY $NOC $GD $HII $BA $LLL $RTN $XAR #AerospaceDefense ... XAR very low liquidity. I would be careful with this one.
  • woodman: @champ $SPY #AerospaceDefense - $NOC $GD $HII $BA $LLL, maybe $RTN (everyone's Syria favorite). I bought the dip in $HII not for Syria but b/c N.Korea + S. China Sea tensions = subs = HII.
  • champ: @woodman $SPY $NOC $GD $HII $BA $LLL $RTN #AerospaceDefense --- I guess that would be a stock that you would want to buy, if you think that they will be building new subs but thats just not going to happen, at any time soon and the main reason why is their is just no $$$$ for that...they cost billions of $$$$.....and subs are mostly only used for hiding platforms, for launching nuclear days. Any target above water, is easily detected by satellites and missile can take out most vessels at anytime, if it can get thru the vessels defends, missile my guess..
  • issues: @woodman $SPY $NOC $GD $HII $BA $LLL $RTN #AerospaceDefense We just couldn't decide which one to buy, so we bought them all with $XAR! 1/2 position
  • woodman: @champ $SPY $NOC $GD $HII $BA $LLL $RTN #AerospaceDefense - I should have been more specific. Not just subs (and ships), but naval warfare and naval strategic systems and consulting and engineering and training systems and professional systems and deployment in general. I don't think the U.S.'s naval needs are going away anytime soon, not with China laying claim to the S. China sea and, of course, with the Middle East problems in general. Even Russia is stoking up its naval activities. Its navy hasn't been this active since the cold war.
  • woodman: @issues $SPY $NOC $GD $HII $BA $LLL $RTN $XAR #AerospaceDefense - Interesting. I haven't followed that ETF. Thanks. I bought some $NOC toward the end of the day at $240.48.
  • issues: Cramer did a good job presenting the ascending industrials (ETF $XLI). Among them was Betsy's fav $PH (remember she - Debeers - taught me the word - pastiche) along with $CAt $BA etc. Good charts! on the ones he presented. Too back I wasn't invested in them. If anyone saw Cramer last night it sure seemed that would have been the sector to be in.
  • debeers: $BA/$CAT/$WMT-responsible for 2/3 of the Dow's gain off the recent low. I have $CAT, which in FD got away from me and the 7% pullback after the tax probe was exactly the gift i had been waiting for to pounce which I did. $CAT will benefit from housing and construction's resurgence.
  • issues: @debeers $BA $CAT $WMT Bets you are referring to $BA being 2/3rds, right?
  • grcjr: $BA $LMT $RTN $NOC $COL have been in consolidation.

    $BA currently in a very tight VS 2.55%. On this downish day, it is holding above the 20dma. Earnings 4/26 before the open.

    $LMT in 2.13% VS. Earnings 4/25 before the open.

    $RTN currently in a 4. ...
  • Bridget: Notes: $FTNT - breakout after a flag, $HACK is also doing well $BA - at a good buy point if you have been wanting to buy this $ATVI - still working,new all time high $HAWK - breakout on sideways consolidation, on volume $SFM - moving higher after some consolidation, this has room for growth $POST - still looking strong on this breakout $ECA - rising on increasing volume, recovered the 50DMA $HPE - starting to fill the gap from earnings Oil and energy is seeing a large bounce: $MRO $HES $XOP $APA $CHK $SWN Is retail making a comeback? $BBY $TJX $TGT $WMT $ANF $RL $COH $UA
  • DAN: Stocks to be watching: Stocks that I'm watching this morning are: $TSLA -- continues to run higher. I suspect some shorts are having a bad week. $PRAH -- hoping that this rests a bit. I want to buy a bit more for one of my retirement accounts, and then just ignore it for a while. $VEEV -- see "PRAH". Same desire to buy and hold. $OLLI -- reports after the bell. Really nice squeeze. I'm holding some over earnings. Have held it a while and I'm being patient. It's not really a trade. $BA -- Looks like yesterday might have been a trading low. $CARA -- I think the stock is gapping up too much to hold. But congrats to all of you who are in this one. Saw your chatter yesterday. This will be a big mover today, one way or the other. Dan
  • Bert953: some interesting charts I saw after mkt closed. Squeezes - $ hsic, $lll, $bsx, $csco, $pfe, $acn. some lo-risk charts, @ 50 or 200dMA: $tmk, $viab, $ame, $fox, $ads, $cbs, $cb, $noc, $ba, $rig, $cost, $amzn, $wmt. Also $F, possible support after big selloff. My question is whats the catalyst for market to go higher after Thursdays vote?
  • orpheusredux: @JBed $EWW I can't say for certain but I've felt all along that the negative reaction to Trump's harsh tone on Mexico was overdone, i.e., the $EWW was oversold. In addition, Mexico has of late fought back politically. Trump's first strike is always his hardest, then he backs off and becomes more reasonable, open to negotiation. Similar to what happened to $BA and a few other companies. My thesis is that Trump and Mexico will ultimately become amigos and EWW will go even higher, into the mid 50s. I'm long via APR, JUN and JAN option spreads of various strikes.
  • bigbartabs: $BA ... have you ever wondered how Boeing could possibly produce and deliver forty 737s a month? ...
  • stevef214: @bigbartabs $BA And I thought it was elves
  • Wolf: @bigbartabs $BA Have seen it first hand many times. They make more 737's than all of the rest of the models put together.
  • bigbartabs: @Wolf $BA ... if they keep it up... they'll soon be in the same echelon as the 75 year old B-52 :)
  • bwcarnation1: $BA took profits...small position but profitable now out
  • gmj: Is there an etf for defense stocks? I have $$$ in Fidelity Defense & Aerospace $FSDAX sector fund. Top holding include: $NOC, $UTX, $GD, $BA, $RTN, $COL $ LMT ... looking for an ETF to compare.
  • mopick: @gmj $FSDAX $NOC $UTX $GD $BA $RTN $COL Same with me! Since Trump's arrival I started a position with Fidelity select Defense. Would be interesting to see how it's done vs the ETF.
  • issues: @gmj $FSDAX $NOC $UTX $GD $BA $RTN $COL Yes, the best ETF for defense is $XAR. We hold 1/2 position!
  • Bridget: Notes: Stocks I recommend buying on this pullback: $WB - stop at $49.50 $X - stop at $35 $TWLO - stop at $31 $AON - stop at $115 Stocks that are working: $MRK $BA $PNW - ER this morning $AKAO $MMM $AMT - ER 2/27 $MON $MO $DGX $JNJ $CGNX $HII $CMS $ORCL $PAYC Breakouts: $EXC $T - almost $COR $PEG Possible Shorts: $HDS $CNX #IPOs working $TELL $CWH $BIVV $TTD $BL
  • woodman: @Bridget $WB $X $TWLO $AON $MRK $BA $PNW $AKAO $MMM $AMT $MON $MO $DGX $JNJ $CGNX $HII $CMS $ORCL $PAYC $EXC $T $COR $PEG $HDS $CNX $TELL $CWH $BIVV $TTD $BL #IPOs Nice post. Thanks.
  • drmike54: @Bridget $WB $X $TWLO $AON $MRK $BA $PNW $AKAO $MMM $AMT $MON $MO $DGX $JNJ $CGNX $HII $CMS $ORCL $PAYC $EXC $T $COR $PEG $HDS $CNX $TELL $CWH $BIVV $TTD $BL #IPOs Thanks, Bridget.......very helpful.......
  • grcjr: $BA new highs ... added nibble stock to my long term position. Will watch for better entry.
  • debeers: $ULTA/$BA-Ulta lookin pretty and the President has $BA's six! (hey, look it up, 'kay?) Every lender in the world would drool if they could get the ex-IM default rate. Eventually the facts wil; win out and it should be approved.
  • tejas7: $BA working similar to $GD
  • mrohde: $BA and $X are working nice
  • issues: @debeers So you like GD at this price? We had $RTN and sold at a loss. The aero-defense group on IBD is industry group 87. In that group are $GD $HEI $BA $BEAV $LMT $ISSC But our favorite is $SPR. We recently added to our LT position. The assum/distrib in GD is B-; the cumulative is only 76. The cumulative for $SPR is 81.
  • greenpatrol: @issues $RTN $GD $HEI $BA $BEAV $LMT $ISSC $SPR IMO $SPR is broken. $GD is in an uptrend, broke out on strong volume and is pulling back on declining volume. No competition in my book. np
  • debeers: @greenpatrol $RTN $GD $HEI $BA $BEAV $LMT $ISSC $SPR -What greenpatrol said...........
  • Henry: @greenpatrol $SPX #PresTrump I don't know that I can do it justice, but T makes love AND war at the same time, like the drug companies yesterday or $LMT & $BA. He T, already thinks we are in a trade war and have just been lying there taking it. His actions my hurt US business in the short term and that could cost him support for his other ideas, like corp tax cuts.
  • greenpatrol: @Henry $SPX $LMT $BA #PresTrump Thanks for the summary, Henry. Makes sense. Certainly makes the market interesting.
  • Aragorn: Many defense stocks are doing well. A few have pulled back but many are moving higher or in consolidation with high bases. These are the ones I like rhrn $MLM $IRBT $OA $BA $HON $GD
  • Henry: $BA bought this for my mom and never remember to look at Holy Moly
  • DrScience: @Henry $BA How are the shares you bought for me doing?
  • cmaxwel1: @Henry $BA (In my dad's account ) Just kept it all thoughout the troubles with dreamliner. Very long.
  • grcjr: $LMT $GD $BA all looking perky. My pick has been $BA. At this time, $BA and $GD are looking very interesting, sitting above the upper BB. Both look to be trying to break to new highs.
  • issues: @champ $SPX $AMZN $IBM #Reposition--- what about financials/defense stock? We own the etf for regional banks $KRE and like $XAR for defense stocks. For specifics take a look inside the etf to see what they hold. Inside XAR is $SPR (we own LTH) $BA $OA $LMT $NOC $GD $COL
  • Gary: ...
    1. $BA – buying opp. A tweet doesn’t do much.
    $DJT – still going
    2. $JBHT – still going. Use trailing stop,,,but look at weekly chart.
    3. $NFLX – the FANG stock that’s working.
    4. $GOOGL – look at ...
  • judysteiner: $BA Moving up as well, half position
  • janner0814: #HILARIOUS #PHILarious ....but I don't really KNOW you... and isn't YOUR SUGGEST serve as #ADVICE? ๐Ÿ˜’ Know your source.... follow up to the aforementioned comment... post was made one candle back... Post was made three candles ago: Related to author's $FB purchase, comes #SAGE advice.... in reality however.. it's.#ALWAYS easier to dispense advice than to follow it. ๐Ÿ˜ž #DUH So your having a great coach makes you a world class #PLAYER? ๐Ÿค .... So what are you playing? ๐Ÿ˜ž #philOsophy #BOING (Not to be confused with $BA)
  • Gary: #Notes - SS 102716 $SPX – very weak, toppy market $DJI $DJT $FDX – only thing really working. $COMPQX – this won’t work tomorrow. $AMZN not-so-prime. Financials still tricking higher. 1. $GOOGL – up 2. $FB – will probably trade with $GOOGL 3. $AMZN – down. Buy this. Sales OK, but earnings not so much. 4. $FN – this is the trend break I’ve been concerned about. 5. $GIMO – another trend break. But post-close earnings pus it back to resistance. Still plenty of resistance overhead. 6. $TWLO 7. $ACIA 8. $NTES –extended…but working. 9. $ULTA – this is not a dip you want to buy. 10. $PZZA – rolling over. 11/1 earnings 11. $PNRA – sell this! Aerospace – not taking off. 12. $NOC 13. $RTN 14. $LMT 15. $BA – wait for the pullback if you are buying for longer term (3% yield)
  • Bridget: $BA is moving higher rhrn. Coming out of a multi month trading range.
  • Alexandra: @champ $VNCE $KORS I have a SP based on your posts. I missed the $BA opportunity. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  • JJT1: $BA VS 3.8% Consolidating for months - this has frustrated me with inability to break 200 day average - but 50 day 100 day and 200 day all with in Bollinger bands. This is the Aerospace part of Aerospace and Defense. (Defense too)
  • grcjr: @JJT1 $BA - I've been in/out/repeat with stock and/or options for years. Currently just a small stock position to keep my eyes on it. IMHO, with international markets the way they are, travel challenges, and the huge backlog in orders I just don't see how this can find a real catalyst anytime soon.
  • JJT1: @grcjr $BA Thanks for reply. Me too. I was in $LMT, $RTN, but not successful with $BA...yet. Maybe I'll set an alert.
  • Ajax4Hire: $BA Boeing appears to have "Dragonfly Doji(Bearish)" last Wednesday, July 27; earnings report day. Where $BA announced a loss.
  • DAN: $BA -- someone asked me why I don't cover Boeing (BA) when I'm looking at Aerospace stocks. That's a very good question because BA is pretty big in that industry. I look at BA every day when I check on the stocks I typically talk about. But BA has been trending lower for quite a while, with the 200-day moving average looking like a ceiling. If the stock breaks out above, say, $135, I'll probably start paying more attention. But for now, there's just not much to say about it (other than the 3.4% yield, which is nice).
  • Aragorn: @DAN $HII Thanks Dan - @Woodman has been all over this and brought this one to me. The defense names have ben working well for the most part. $HII $NOC $RTN $LLL are doing well, $BA $GD laggards in this group and $OA is a POS and a short on any bounce up to the 8ema IMO. It is worth covering every week or so to keep our people focused on this group if they are interested
  • woodman: @bwcarnation1 $LMT $NOC No one ever mentions $HII, which I've been long. It's done better this year -- by a wide margin (about doubly better than many since their Jan/Feb lows) - than all the ones ordinarily mentioned here within this sector ($LMT $NOC $RTN $GD $BA $TXT $GD $HON). I've mentioned it in the past (started in Nov. of last year, and have several times this year) but not sure why no one has jumped on it or at least discussed it. Awesome chart except that it's at the top of channel so probably not the best buy point here.
  • DrScience: @JJT1 $BA Make that 18 times... as of this morning. :)
  • JJT1: $BA Apparently at ceiling altitude having tagged 200 day SMA 17 times since first day of spring. Goal for summer to stay above 200 day? NP
  • grcjr: Just closing for the day. Have a great weekend. All action today small. Sold/close all short term trades $NUGT, $BMY Calls, $EDU Calls Nibbled/buy all long term holds $BA $CSAL $DIS $MU $NEWT $PSEC $TWO
  • grcjr: $BA Nice move today (biggest gainer in Dow). Move based on news that Iran "was in talks" to buy 100 jets. They previously place order with Airbus for 100. Sounds a bit iffy to me unless they are just waiting for the ink to dry.
  • grcjr: @bwcarnation1 $SPY $BA - nice catch. I'd missed that. $BA was the Dow's biggest gainer earlier today, might still be, but the volume is only normal.
  • bwcarnation1: @grcjr $SPY $BA many stocks that are up today have low vol
  • Aragorn: $BA bearish engulfing Rev strat Daily Variation - here is a perfect example of the rev strat variation Inside day took it inside day up then they took it inside day down on one candle
  • Bridget: $BA apparently I missed the drop yesterday. Falling out of a ascending triangle, very bearish signal. Weekly chart shows this could fall a long way down.
  • SierraJW: Some stocks headed down due to bad news/publicity IMO. Need to look at current news, and impact on sales/revenues. $TGT (boycott), $BA (Sales falling on 767, 787 - Oil impact?) $GOOGL ($3.0 Billion fine, Europe)
  • PhilHarmonic: @SierraJW $TGT $BA $GOOGL Problem is can't trust the news to be true. So much bad information being published.
  • DAN: @PhilHarmonic $TGT $BA $GOOGL One stock that deserves watching is Boeing (BA). If the stock starts moving through $136, we could see a challenge of the December range -- not a huge move at all...but at least something good happening. 8-\
  • JJT1: $BA Above 200 day and Stochastic cross on daily yesterday and 50 100 day cross prior day. Although encumbered with small commercial plane business it seems trying to join party of $LMT $NOC $LLL $RTN.
  • bwcarnation1: $BA cup and handle and v.s. 6.1% just slightly above 200d. waiting to add above 136.78
  • grcjr: @bwcarnation1 $BA - Chart does look good. Temper that with earnings that were announced this morning. Earnings miss. Profits down. Some issues. Still up today.
  • Chucky: $BEAV $SPR $XAR $BEAV reported Tuesday with good rpt. and guidance. See $BA chart as well. Gently moving up with 8 dma supporting as it cleared 200DMA. I have a starter position and will look to add on pullback closer to 48 .. $SPR reports Friday and just now breaking out of base above 200DMA. $XAR coming out of inverse head and shoulders which I cocktail napkin minimum target 58.
  • HooDat06: @Chucky $BEAV $SPR $XAR $BA Take my comments FWIW, but I was an A&D banker for nearly nine years. Unless you're long-term, holding $SPR over earnings is risky. While macro trends seem to be pointing up, $SPR and $TGI are in unique positions as ...
  • Trixie: @HooDat06 $BEAV $SPR $XAR $BA $TGI $ATRO $HEI $TDG fwiw IBD did up HEI as their new America feature company yesterday.. letme know if u'd like me to try to send it over.
  • HooDat06: @Trixie $BEAV $SPR $XAR $BA $TGI $ATRO $HEI $TDG That would be great. Does the SMM team get squeamish about people sharing emails in the forum? On another note, do you find IBD to be worthwhile? I assume this is membership content?
  • SierraJW: @Dan Earnings List $BHI,$HAL,$MMM,$DDD,$PG,$AAPL,$TWTR,$BA,$UTX,$FB,$DOW,$DPZ,$AMAZ,$XOM,$CVX
  • DAN: @SierraJW $BHI $HAL $MMM $DDD $PG $AAPL $TWTR $BA $UTX $FB $DOW $DPZ $AMAZ $XOM $CVX Thanks for posting that, SierraJW.
  • grcjr: $BA can't seem to get a break. However, even with today's news, it was only down about $4 and has gained a bit over half of that back. Now above the 20dma having dipped below to begin today. Can't put a buy on it but can't keep checking back. 200dma has been resistance.
  • Jorma: $BA - in free fall, will be very interested to see if it makes it to 50d ma of 122, and what happens there. I want a second chance at this stock, I hesitated when it was at 115 in mid Feb because I read too many articles about their backlog, instead of trusting the price action, which was trading above the 8d ma.
  • Jorma: @Trixie $NXPI - I meant any more promising trade you might have. For me, If I want to short the market, I use the levered ETF's like SVXY/UVXY, SDS, SPXS, etc, or FAZ for shorting financials. I sometimes see charts like $BA which are rolling over, more so than $NXPI, but I find shorting individual stocks is harder for me to discern patterns/trends, so I don't do it much outside of the levered ETF's. I wasn't trying to confuse you, I just thought your chart was really equivocal, so it would be a coin toss as to which way it breaks. Let me know if you decide to short it, I'll be interested to see how it goes. GL, Trixie!
  • Jorma: @Aragorn $NKE - I agree, but MACD, RSI, looks like it is headed lower, 150d ma is 61.18, it has already traded lower pre-market. Take a look at $BA, it has traded down to 128.65 pre-market, if it breaks R2 of 128.77 during real time, next stop could be 122, where I would be very interested to buy.
  • grcjr: $BA chart looking interesting. Would like to hear about the accounting issues. Now above the 20 and 50dma. Next resistance is 200dma up $5 from current. Could still become a lower high but the uptrend since 2/12 is encouraging.
  • debeers: $BA-Until and unless Boeing addresses accounting irregularities IMHO stay away.
  • Bridget: @debeers $BA true, could just be a bear flag. Not a lot of good news coming from them lately.
  • Jorma: @Bridget $BA - I'm confused, are we looking at $BA, because i see no bear flag, it's been running up the 8d for some time now. What am I missing? Thanks!
  • geotheo: $NOC Triple top? $RTN Triple top and looks to be printing lower high coming up into the 50SMA. Both still above the 200SMA. Could be following $BA, $GD, etc. down. I'm thinking of a small short of $RTN via puts. Anyone have an opinion on the best strike price?
  • cmac: $BA it has filled the SEC probe gap on low-ish volume. Starter short position.
  • Forexpro: Re: $BA Hi, Friends, Theflyonthewall reports that $BA is facing an SEC accounting probe, reportedly relating to those little 747 and Dreaminer projects. The story originally broke on Bloomberg, and I missed it. All the best!
  • bwcarnation1: @Forexpro $BA I hate to admit I still hold a very small position that I should have sold when I sold the rest. This info is certainly not good. It's hard to believe that big publically traded companies like a BA could be so wreckless as to do such things. How they think they can get away with such activities is beyond me.
  • grcjr: @bwcarnation1 $BA - someone's head should roll if it is true. I had a remaining toe hold but just let it go. Per Cramer, accounting irregularities = sell
  • bwcarnation1: $XLI all that I have looked at doing welll....$CMI, $GWW, $FLS, $ETN, $BA etc. short covering? I don't know but all in penalty box. reallocation from old growth stocks? $$ down is huge benefit
  • dkoran: $AA- awarded another 10 Billion in contracts from $BA.
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Boeing Co, together with its subsidiaries designs, develops, manufactures, sells, services and supports commercial jetliners, military aircraft, satellites, missile defense, human space flight and launch systems and services.

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