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  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $EFX(again) ;>) STO 11/10/17 110 CALLS @1.55. Will make it a Covered call if necessary. $AA STO 11/10/17 48.0 CALLS COVERED $PCG STO 11/10/17 57.50 CALLS COVERED
  • GOOSE: OPTION EXPIRATION: 11/3/17 $AA 11/3/17 49.0 CALLS $AA 11/3/17 50.0 CALLS $CELG 11/3/17 102.0 CALLS COVERED $PCG 11/3/17 58.0 CALLS $PCG 11/3/17 58.5 CALLS $PCG 11/3/17 56.0 PUTS $PCG 11/3/17 57.50 CALLS ASSIGNMENTS: $AA 11/3/17 47.50 11/3/17 PUTS Put to me.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AA STO 11/3/17 50.0 CALL @.70 Will cover with stock if necessary.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $AA STO 10/28/17 45.50 PUTS @.50 Will take the stock if necessary. $PCG STO 10/28/17 57.0 PUTS @1.40 " " "
  • GOOSE: #FYI $AA Reports earnings AMC
  • Bridget: Some stocks that are reporting earnings after the close or before the open tomorrow: $EBAY $AA $UAL $ABT
  • GOOSE: $AA Announces earnings after the bell. I got rid of my Covered Combo Mambo Strangles. Had quite a few. Just kept 1 short 45.0 Put contract, and 1 short 50.0 contract for a rush. Both expire Friday. I came up with 2.40 as the expected move.
  • PRK: @Bridget $EBAY $AA $UAL $ABT $LLNW can be added to this list. It reports after the close today.
  • GOOSE: #Earnings $AA Well it looks like earnings was a non-event for $AA. It's up and down a quarter, .25.
  • GOOSE: $AA Down 1.5%. Earnings tomorrow after the bell. At the current price, expected move is $2.45.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AA BTO SHARES @47.70 Added to my shares, to cover 10/20 Calls. Also have 10/20/17 43.0 short Puts,.
  • champ: $AA @ $48.75 .......#NewPosition...could be making an earnings move...earnings are #Wednesday 10/18 after...I'm in with a New Spec trading position on the Open
  • GOOSE: @champ $AA #NewPosition #Wednesday Hi @Champ, are you going to hold over earnings? i am pretty heavily into this with stock, short calls and short puts. I haven't made up my mind yet, as to what I'll do.
  • champ: @GOOSE $AA #NewPosition #Wednesday ---- I'm in with a Spec day trade, at this point and its also... to early for me to know at this point, I took profits on 1/2 already and I'm going to swing the other 1/2. LOL
  • GOOSE: @champ $AA #NewPosition #Wednesday Thanks @Champ. GOOSE
  • GOOSE: Added some more $AA stock at a minute before the bell @48.25. Ran down .55 at EOD.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AA STO 10/20/17 45.0 PUTS @.45 Against my short calls.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AA STO 10/20/17 50.0 CALLS @.60
  • Bobbie: Thank you for commenting on $ARNC. I have owned a full position since the $AA spinoff. I plan to remain long.
  • Bridget: $AA breaking out
  • bRobert: @Bridget $AA BIG move XME dragging up everything
  • issues: @Bridget $AA This looks like the perfect flag pattern or a small shallow cup... We hold 1/2 position.
  • GOOSE: $AA Moving, slowly. Seems strong.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: A Buy/ Write $AA BTO STOCK @46.60 $AA STO 10/6/17 46.50 CALLS @.85
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $AA STO 10/6/17 43.50 PUTS @.35 Delta .12 $AA STO 10/6/17 48.0 CALLS @.35 Delta .23
  • GOOSE: $AA moving
  • debeers: @GOOSE $AA --So glad that you are ok.BMO upgrade today.
  • GOOSE: @debeers $AA Thank you for that info, and the personal Mom. ;>)
  • issues: @GOOSE $AA added and placed a stop strategically at a few points below. Looks like a flag flying at 1/2 mast. Well not really 1/2 mast more like 1/5 mast. This pull back is just right for me.
  • GOOSE: #TRADES: $AA STO 9/29/17 43.0 PUTS @.30 $AAOI BTC 9/22/17 53.50 PUTS @.30 BTO @1.09 $EFX STO 9/22/17 89.0 PUTS @1.32 Delta .28 The devil made me do it. Minimum contracts at present,, may add as time goes by. Volume acceptable, tapering off. 5 day trade. Hey what can go wrong? ;>)
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $AA STO 9/22/17 45.5 CALLS @.30 $UVE STO 10/20/17 20.0 PUTS @.60 $UVE STO 10/20/17 22.50 CALLS @.60 Don't like to go out so far, hate to have $ tied up for so long, but this stock hardly eats up margin.
  • GOOSE: OPTION EXPIRATION: 9/15/17 All expired $AA 46.0 CALLS $AA 43.5 PUTS $AA 44.0 PUTS $UVE 12.5 PUTS $UVE 15.0 PUTS
  • GOOSE: SOME TRADES: $UVE STO 10/20/17 20.0 CALLS @1.65 $AA STO 9/22/17 45.0 CALLS @,45 $AA STO 9/22/17 43.5 PUTS @.28 Goes with the above, no charge to margin, a freebee, if such a thing exists. ;>)
  • issues: Today was a buy day for me. Bought the following partial positions: $OSUR $BRKS $EW $AA $SQ $EXTR $VEEV. Sold short $EFX and holding. It's going to the bottom. Buy stop is a trailing stop at 3% ($114).
  • GOOSE: $AA Any idea why $AA is down all of a sudden?
  • PhilHarmonic: @GOOSE $AA The $XME is down quite a bit. It's a bad day for the metals.
  • GOOSE: @PhilHarmonic $AA $XME Thank you for your reply. Have a great weekend. GOOSE
  • champ: @GOOSE $AA ---- I have it right in front of me and I can't find anything either and I posted this morning that all metals are down...I have been watching all.....but I will make a guess and say its CopyCat traders selling metal stocks....because they want to move into #Hurricane trades or stocks that are working....its hard just to sit back and watch all of these stocks move up like they are and the higher they climb, the harder it is to take a position....this is what Traders/Investors wait years for and many are hit and run and out.
  • GOOSE: @champ $AA #Hurricane Champ, Thanks for answering. I appreciate it. Have a great weekend. GOOSE
  • champ: @GOOSE $AA #Hurricane --- #Anytime
  • gig1: @champ $AA #Hurricane #Anytime Fall back in China exports overnight is causing fall in metals. Happened in Europe before here today.
  • champ: @gig1 $AA #Hurricane #Anytime --- OK ...thats it...Thanks!
  • gig1: @champ $AA #Hurricane #Anytime You're very welcome!
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: A ROLL OUT $AA BTC 9/4/17 44.0 PUTS @1.70 $AA STO 9/15/17 44.0 PUTS @1.83 .13 Credit
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $AA STO 9/8/17 45.0 CALLS @.25 Expires in 2 days. $AA STO 9/15/17 46.0 CALLS @.30 These 2 trades balance off my short PUTS, so no margin usage. EDITED: SHOULD BE PUTS NOT CALLS.
  • champ: $AA @ $43.60 HOD and ATH --- Here's another nice chart. This sector is working but this is also another one in the sector, that I'm holding. Could keep climbing and might even BreakOut, even more, on this slow move higher. No losers in this stock. Institutions hold 75% and theirs really no reason for them to sell. Another nice stock, that just keeps slowly climbing, with the market.
  • GOOSE: A NEW TRADE, for me anyway. $AA STO 9/15/17 43.5 PUTS @.52 $AA STO 9/8/17 44.0 PUTS @.30
  • gig1: $AA Working well. Thank you Dan for this one!
  • DAN: @gig1 $AA Nice job, gig1. Love it!!
  • Bobbie: $AA, Is this a stock that is in early innings of a run up? If so, what inning do you think it's in? I don't want to ride it down. Any ideas on an exit plan would be appreciated.
  • issues: @Bobbie $AA No earning aren't until Oct 18th. This is not an earnings run up. It's because metals - gold silver aluminum are going up. Inflation? Who knows. We hold a small position. It's too high to buy. Wait for pull back to around $39.
  • DAN: $XAL $JBLU $UAL $AA $LUV -- the airline stocks are rebounding this morning. It's a sector-wide shift. If you are looking for short term swing trades...perhaps into Monday using an intraday bar timeframe (flip between 15- and 30-minute timeframes), ...
  • Vehid: @DAN $XAL $JBLU $UAL $AA $LUV Which one is your fav?!
  • issues: @DAN $AA The chart for AA and GOL look best to me. But NP looks even better. Maybe the airlines are rallying because end of summer usually means oil prices go down in the fall, hence less expense for airlines. Also as oil fades, oil refiners do better. ($DK $VLO $ANDV $PARR $CVRR $HFC...)
  • champ: $AA ....Out.... this morning and I moved those $$$$ into $OSB and $GVA.
  • DAN: @Vehid $XAL $JBLU $UAL $AA $LUV $JBLU would be my favorite....thought $LUV works too. But opinions vary .... --DAN
  • DAN: @issues $AA $DK $VLO $ANDV $PARR $CVRR $HFC I agree with you about $GOL, issues. I was just looking at the tickers in Vehid's question. But GOL is the best of the bunch. It's been holding while the domestics have been falling.
  • champ: $TECK and $AA both still working...for now....on a down day. Hard sector but not all that bad if you target the right names.....I'm holding both.
  • woodman: @champ $TECK $AA - I have $FCX and $VALE on the same theory.
  • champ: $AA @ $41 HOD up over 3% for flow has been really positive.
  • bRobert: $XME $X . $AA $TECK . $GLD $GDX Strong bounce XME and related components. Long FCX. Adding to GLD GDX
  • audrina0904: @bRobert $XME $X $AA $TECK - Largest holding in $XME is $ to see if it can break through the 200dma...If it does, should see nice gains and more $XME appreciation.
  • issues: Bought $ATHN (Stop $138) & $ULTA (stop at $250) and added to $WDC & $AA!
  • issues: When I looked over my holding this weekend I wrote to myself to sell the following: (e= earnings) $PANW (break down) $AA (topping?) $ABBV (IBD accum A to D+) $MTDR (e 8/2) $SPR (e 8/2) $ETSY (e 8/3) $MTSI (e 8/1) $WLDN (e 8/8) But my problem is I just can't pull the trigger to sell any of them. I put in stops and even bought more AA & ABBV. Now you see why I'm a member of SMM Anonymous. I really appreciate the input I get from you all! It's helps me stay in when I should be out, right?
  • phgruver: @issues $PANW $AA $ABBV $MTDR $SPR $ETSY $MTSI $WLDN I can sympathize. I have a number of issues that I've held for years, that I can't seem to part with. (FWIW, you should have ditched the first 3 days ago, but the others still show some promise....)
  • Bridget: #Notes: earnings moves today: $QCOM $KMI - gap and run down $AXP $PM $AA - unchanged $BX - down a little $SNA - bearish engulfing candle $ABT - breakout $CHKP - gap down $XLE - small pullback today $XLV $XBI - breaking out $GILD - moving higher after flag, expected move to $77 $JNJ - back up to highs $JAZZ - trying to breakout breakouts: $ABBV $FIZZ - phase 3 $THC - day 2 $RCL - new high $AGN - almost holding above $250 $MTSI - nice volume today $ESIO $HIMX - day 2 $HD $LOW - down on news $AKCA - #ipo on a tear $RACE - hitting $100 earnings after close: $V $MSFT $ISRG $EBAY $SLB
  • Sher: @JBed $CENX - $AA reports A/C - Hopefully that will set the stage for further gains in the industry - I've been in and out of $CENX a few times - Currently long Sept. $17 calls and will likely be adding into their ER, 8-1-17 - Projections are pretty explosive-looking...
  • Sher: $AA - $.04 beat on earnings, revenues in-line, narrows FY17 guidance - Stock down 2.5% AH - NP in $AA, but have multiple positions in $CENX & $FCX, so was looking for a strong earnings kick-off.

    New long call positions: $FEYE – Aug. $16 &nda ...
  • Sher: $AA - $.04 beat on earnings, revenues in-line, narrows FY17 guidance - Stock down 2.5% AH - NP in $AA, but have multiple positions in $CENX & $FCX, so was looking for a strong earnings kick-off.

    New long call positions: $FEYE – Aug. $16 &n ...
  • issues: $AA reports tonight. Considering selling my small position. Anyone else?
  • GOOSE: @issues $AA Hi, Did you see my reply to your query the other day?
  • issues: @GOOSE $AA Yes thank you Dr Goose. I always read you posts. How's your mom?
  • Sher: $BX - Rocking... Lovingly long Aug. $33 calls... $EEM - Back in Aug. calls, but this time at the $43 strike. $AUPH - Ha! My July $7.50 call position is up 500% - Have added, here & there, in a "bail water" fashion - Calls hit an AT low of $.02 on 7-11-17, so was expecting them to expire worthless on Fri. - They've regained Nasdaq listing compliance, but don't think that's solely responsible for today's 11-12% gains. $EEM – STC Aug. $42.50 calls, 37% gain - Anticipating PB, here. Metal ERs: $AA (Wed., A/C), CENX (chged. to 8/2/17, AC), $FCX (7/25/17, B/O) – Exuberant expectations for all - Long Sept. $CENX & Aug. $FCX calls.
  • DAN: @Sher $BX $EEM $AUPH $AA $FCX $CENX Nice move on $AUPH. Big winner today!! 8-) Ka Ching!!
  • Bridget: Notes: Of course the news of the day was AMZN WFM. Stocks affected: $KR $SFM $COST $WMT $TGT $SYY $CVS $WBA. All seem to have found a bottom. I sold puts on $KR $TGT and $WMT seeing this move as overdone. Infrastructure / equipment trades are working: $DE $CAT $IR $PAYC - new 52 week high $PI - break higher $HIIQ - breakout $CTAS - breaking higher $CVNA - #ipo working $MO - working $MMM - working $JNJ - working $CI - working $MDSO - at a good buy point $AA - breaking down $ARLP - breaking down $BGS - breaking down Have a great weekend!
  • Bridget: ...
    $AAOI $LITE - starting its next move higher
    $D - breaking out
    $XLU $DUK - breaking out
    $BX - huge Saudi deal, gap and run, this could go much higher.
    $FISV - working, breakout
    $AA - building a base here, squeeze candidate
    $ZBRA - new all time high
    $ ...
  • DrScience: ...
    PRICE ACTION: Shares of most companies related to the industrial metals group are all sharply down, with U.S. Steel ($X) down 9.3%, Nucor ($NUE) falling 3.65%, and AK Steel ($AKS) down 6.2%. Aluminum names are also falling, with Alcoa ($AA) down 3.3 ...
  • judysteiner: $TGTX gapping up on positive phase 3 studies for Leukemis....$NFLX UBS Raises pt.....$AA upgraded to buy at GS
  • DAN: @judysteiner $TGTX $NFLX $AA Hard to fade a positive Phase 3 study result. Like standing in front of a nail gun being held by a guy who doesn't like you, and who has drank way too much coffee.
  • issues: @woodman $XME Don't let metal test your mettle. We also have $XME and are holding it longer term. We also have $AA (not the batteries) and $VALE (great for skiing) mid term.
  • woodman: $CENX and $AA were my Trump Speech Rally targets to buy before close yesterday. The only problem is that I didn't pull the triggers.
  • issues: @woodman $CENX $AA I also wanted to buy more $AA but was swayed by Dan's not buying anything here. I need to listen to my own mind and just do it! Right! You are so right. There were others like $MU $TELL $HCLP $AMD I also wanted to buy but didn't.
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $CENX $AA ... pulling the trigger yesterday... I was too busy deciding if I needed to lighten up, rather than adding.
  • woodman: @bigbartabs $CENX $AA - I had a pretty strong gut feeling that at least certain stocks would move strongly today following the address, but I just didn't convince myself to buy on that basis.
  • issues: I bought a starter of $APC at $68.92 and realized I bought too early. Now do I put in a stop of let it fall to the 50 day? Dan would say it's ok since it's still above the 50 day. Another similar ones with the same starter now dropping would be $CVX (purchase price PP= $114) $EOG (PP $101) and $AA (PP $31.44). Someone might ask why I bought them. Well, for the oil season coming this spring. Then the answer would be, then why stop out now? Good conversation with myself. Thanks self. You're welcome! I better up my meds... oh no!
  • chucklk: @chucklk $CENX... Noting that $AA also down significantly so maybe an aluminum event as well as earnings for cenx.
  • TD: $AA - Weekly bearish engulf, weekly reversal at $40, first bust of the 20 day in weeks, still lots of room to the downside.
  • DrScience: $AA aluminum stocks still defying gravity. $AA new high after earnings yesterday. $ARNC moving to new high, earnings report 1/3. $CENX pausing, earnings 2/16.
  • Bridget: ...
    $ARNC - this split off on $AA is also reaching a new all time high along with AA
    $MLM $VMC - construction stocks still roaring higher on news of the "wall"
    $XLI - we could be seeing big gains in this sector with the new administration's po ...
  • rokey: @DAN Also $AA Dan.
  • bwcarnation1: @woodman $NUE $X $AKS $XME yes they are all moving including $AA
  • mopick: @rokey $AA breaking out today.
  • issues: I got stopped out of $TSRO at $142.40 and $RTN $145.76 small profits in both. Still holding $CLNS $CLVS $VALE & $AA. I wonder about that $TQQQ dropping it's price in half- 72 points. What's that all about?
  • issues: @sierramp $CLVS $CSTM $IRDM $RTN $TSRO Thanks for your post. I posted this above: I got stopped out of $TSRO at $142.40 and $RTN $145.76 small profits in both. Still holding $CLNS $CLVS $VALE & $AA. I wonder about that $TQQQ dropping it's price in half- 72 points. What's that all about?
  • sierramp: @issues $TSRO $RTN $CLNS $CLVS $VALE $AA $TQQQ Thanks re: $TSRO, $TQQQ = split.
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Alcoa Inc manufactures and engineers lightweight metals. It products include aluminum, titanium, and nickel, which are used in aircraft, automobiles, commercial transportation, packaging, oil and gas, defense and industrial applications, among others.

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  • April 24th, 2018 - 2018 Q1 Earnings
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